12 of the Creepiest Serial Killers

by admin on August 9, 2010

There isn’t much that’s creepier in this life than a serial killer, because they’re predators in the purest sense of the word. Some of them have racked up frightening body counts, while others were just so sick that even a handful of murders were enough to make an entire country uncomfortable at night. These are 12 of the most famous, and downright creepiest serial killers.

Theodore Robert Bundy (November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989)

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Ted Bundy — who doesn’t know that name? Kids growing up today have no idea who he even was, but the name itself is still part of our everyday vocabulary as a name for potential murderers and dangerous psychotics. He spent four years on a killing spree that cost at least 29 people their lives, with an upper ceiling of possibly 100. The guy was really sick, too; not only did he kill his victims in the most violent way he could manage at the time, but he didn’t care whether they were alive or dead when he felt the need to rape them, too.

Gary Leon Ridgway (February 18, 1949 – Present)

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Called “the Green River Killer,” Ridgeway was convicted of 48 murders after a 16-year spree up in Washington State — but he claimed to have killed closer to 100. This sick bastard only targeted women, and he would torture and rape his victims before strangling them with rope or fishing line. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he dabbled in necrophilia when there weren’t any live girls around for him to satisfy his cravings.

Jeffrey Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994)

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When Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested, police found a human heart in his freezer, a human head in the fridge and several more throughout the apartment, severed hands and penises, human skulls (of which many were being used to craft an altar), vats of acid full of corpses, and photographs of mutilated bodies on all the walls. The word insane could barely cover what Dahmer was, but killer, rapist, child molester, necrophiliac and cannibal all fit pretty well. He was convicted in 1992 of 15 counts of murder, and given 957 years in prison — but he was killed by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (October 16, 1936 – February 14, 1994)

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This man was so evil that he even looked like a demon. He was nicknamed “the Rostov Ripper” for killing at least 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990 in the Ukraine. He was a monster, attempting to rape his victims before stabbing them to death — often in a rage over his own impotence and failure to get it up. He was executed in 1994 by a single gunshot to the back of the head.

Serhiy Tkach (1952 – Present)

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Serhiy Tkach was a Ukrainian police investigator who used his position to cover up a truly sickening hobby; he killed at least 29 teen and pre-teen girls over a 2-year period — but that’s just what has been proven. He claims to have killed between 80 and 100 girls, and he liked to rape them first if he had the chance. He was sentenced to life in prison back in 2005.

Harold Frederick “Fred” Shipman (January 14, 1946 – January 13, 2004)

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Harold Shipman earned the nickname “Doctor Death” by being one of the absolute most prolific serial killers of all time — by killing his patients. He was a general practitioner who would kill his victims (usually younger women) by lethal injection, and while he’s been positively linked to 250 deaths, the real number is suspected to be much higher. He hung himself in a jail cell while serving a life term, in 2000.

Anatoly Onoprienko (July 25, 1959 – Present)

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This guy is especially crazy; Onoprienko killed 52 people in 6 years, forming a large cross on the Ukrainian map (yes, the Ukraine was quite a dangerous place back then), and his usual weapon of choice was a hunting rifle. He claimed to have been driven by several voices in his head, but they didn’t warn him when the cops were about to pick him up. He was found with the rifle on him, so it wasn’t difficult for the prosecution to do their job when he went to trial in 1999. He’s serving life in prison.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994)

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Much like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jr was an American serial killer who set standards for horror. Known as “the Killer Clown” due to his job as a clown at children’s parties, Gacy’s modus operandi was to rape and murder young boys — and he was convicted of doing it 33 times. He was put to death by lethal injection in 1994 (but not by Harold Shipman).

Donald Harvey (April 15, 1952 – Present)

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Mr. Harvey fancied himself “the Angel of Death,” and that’s what he called himself while killing a suspected 87 victims over a 20-year period. While working as a hospital orderly, Harvey would slowly murder his victims by poisoning them arsenic, cyanide, or insulin (in large doses). If he was feeling particularly wrathful, though, he would resort to actual violence; he had suffocated some victims, and had once even punctured internal organs by repeatedly stabbing a patient with a coat hanger. He’s serving a life sentence.

Alexander Pichushkin (April 9, 1974 – Present)

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Pichushkin was called “the Chessboard Killer,” because he was attempting to kill as many people as there are squares on a chessboard. Needless to say, he was more than a little upset when he was apprehended before accomplishing his goal (64 people). He claimed to have killed 63, but officials didn’t think it likely that he had racked up over 50 and he wound up getting convicted of 48 — mostly homeless men that he lured with vodka. He’s now serving life in prison.

Ahmad Suradji (1951 – July 10, 2008)

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Suradji didn’t just kill his victims in the usual fashion — no, he had a ritual. Apparently, he was “visited” by his father in a dream. His father told him that he needed to kill 70 women and drink their saliva to “become a healer,” so he gathered up his 3 wives and made them assistants as he began his quest. He and his wives would capture their victims, then bury them up to their heads in sand and proceed to strangle them with a cable. They killed 42 women — of all ages — over an 11-year period. Suradji was put to death by firing squad in 2008.

Pedro Alonso López (October 8, 1948 – Present)

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López is nothing short of a true monster, and the scariest part about him is that he’s not in prison. He was once convicted of killing 110 girls, but he was somehow released after serving only 14 years. Even worse, at the time of his conviction, he was suspected of raping and murdering a far greater number than what had been proven in court. His nickname was “the Monster of the Andes,” and he’s probably still roaming those mountains today.

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  • Lorelei

    gah they make feel like barfing X_X

  • Marko

    Harold Shipman didn’t kill young women, he killed old age pensioners, mostly frail and ill so that his crimes could go undetected. He was never once linked with the killing of any young girls. Obviously I’m not defending him in the slightest as he was a sick bastard and killed many people but you really should get your facts straight as the distinction is important.

  • Anon

    Ahh my heroes <3 lol

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  • storm

    Stopped reading at Harold Shipman. If you can’t get basic facts straight then there’s just no point.

  • Sir Ian

    Study more, kid. No Panzram, Albert Fish, or Gein? What about How do you define “creepy”? Ridgway and Bundy and half your list are Disney compared to some of the others…John Reginald Christie, Fritz Haarmann, Mudgett…there's a lot of guys who are creepier without the sensationalist high body counts of guys like Onoprienko…

  • Kat4428

    Dennis Rader only killed like ten people, but he hid in there closets until they got home. He was also the president of his church.

  • unspokensarcasm

    I don't think Ted was really that creepy. He was a sociopath, and killed a lot of people, but everyone who met him liked him, even his victims, that was how he lured them to his car. Then he knocked them out, many died instantly, a few in their sleep.

  • Toby

    ahmad is nasty EAT their saliva?!!!

  • Storem

    Ed Gein may have not been a serial killer (he only killed a couple people), but he is definitly worth mentioning. Look him up… you'll see.

  • Tempozan

    wow this article was garbage. Please get your facts straight and actually do some research. Rewriting wikipedia articles doesn’t cut it.

  • Anymos

    What about Robert Pickton, admitted killer of 49 Vancouver prostitutes….

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  • Grammar cop

    This is poorly written.

    Example: “…yes, the Ukraine was quite a dangerous place back then…” When?

    Many don’t even list where they happened or when.

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  • shrinkydink

    WTF? No Charles Manson???

  • Jparmar92

    Donald Gaskins?

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3SPN2GFM57ZWTLO6ADL2G5VNUY Chris Smith

    These guys are sick, disgusting human beings. Why would you ever feel the need to kill someone, let alone dozens of people….I found this list of the Top 10 Serial Killers and was astonished. http://www.ranker.com/list/serial-killers-from-jack-the-ripper-to-charles-manson/theothermother The way these guys kill people and don't feel sorry about it is saddening and scary. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Anthonysteptoe

    that is some sick s…t they really need to lock Pedro Alonso López ass up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Moore

    Wow! These guys are really creepy. It’s so disturbing to read about these men killing so many people. I’m still have not made my mind up about the death penalty, but these men all deserve the hardest sentence possible. http://www.criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/10-things-worth-knowing-about-the-death-penalty/

  • dulce castro

    these killers should really be studied in depth in order to get the most amount of information possible

  • mrSTINKYpinky32

    Carl Panzram, Albert Fish, and Ed Gein could’ve fit up there, but John Christie had 6, Fritz Haarmann had 27, and H.H. Holmes had 24-?, all 3 elementary compared to the above posted and not near as creepy. So how about your ragheaded ass does some homework before you start mouthing off.

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    all these nghas is sum dirty bastards

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  • Kdmz1

    Ed Gein had 2…

  • guest

    you are fucking sick.. and you should feel worthless for saying that.. of course he was nice to the people he was about to kill.. how else do you think he was going to get them to trust him.. its doesnt matter how these people died.. it was who had killed them and what his intention was…….

  • steven

     are you kidding me he was like the creepiest one because he was like your teacher or instructor at school. Fbi profilers believe he was the least understood of the serial killers and the scariest.

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  • Catie

    @fa1cdd38a5f9233190d54214cae70e20:disqus  and @abb5e8a08dd6f12316275345f3617deb:disqus  Sir Ian’s whole point revolved around the methodology and individual (I believe) NOT the body count and he even made a point of saying so.  Mrstinky: Stop trying to prove that you know your shit when all you did was show ignorance in your last statement. And your nick…really?    Kdmz… yes two but have you looked him up?  He may have killed ‘only’ two people but look at the other crap he did.  Gross.

  • Catie

    Of course… Two does  not a serial make.  I believe it’s ‘more than three’.  Gein was some creepy dude though, I agree.  


    i think ur all just gay!

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  • jet

    maybe he didn’t put him up here because Charlie never really killed ANYONE…?

  • Jim The Ripper

    H. H. Holmes’ count is not exactly correct, he was convicted of 24, actual count is believed to be above 200

  • PeopleRdummm

    How is that sick? He was stating facts you stupid fuck.

  • guest

    its very creepy. what makes them capable of raationalizing killing people other then it gets them off?

  • guest

    idk so im not rying to pretend i know but did he really kill anyone or did he send people after them?

  • Tina

    My grandmother told me a while back she was picked up by a man who looked just like Ted Bundy. She said he was sweet but the car had no door handle or locks and she jumped out of the open window and ran home.
    Sooner or later, she saw him on the news and confirmed it was him.
    Crazy shit.

  • art pixels

    Hey, the way someone kills someone is pretty important. I’d rather be hit and die instantly than to be stabbed to death with a coat hanger. Letting someone live just so you can hurt them is far more cruel than giving them a quick death after being nice to them.

  • art pixels

    Most serial killers are the person you’d least expect. That’s how they manage to become serial killers.

  • Bigheadedjones

    Jeffrey Dahmer looks just like the average person, like I seriously wouldn’t think of this dude as a serial killer if I didn’t know. It truly shocks me how serial killers can act and look so normal after the type of things they do and think. It’s really mind blowing.

  • L Bradshaw

    My Grandmah met Ted Bundy and said he was a nice guy and
    Did nothing to hurt her

  • WhoAreYou?

    these people are sick in the head and the only thing I can say how the heck can you eat your on specie!!!!???? What the flip is wrong with these insane people it just makes me mad to see what they have done!

  • noyabiski

    Dude most of the meN look like regular joes…i would’ve been mislead their normality…
    the creepy ones i prolly would’ve been nice to them but keep my distance and have a very smart criminal psychologist friend and an x-navy seal….but i have to locate them first and become friends then i will visit pitiful creepy guy….

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    Ya….i bet its cuz shes ugly and old

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    Im very happy dood!

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    I know i wanted to readup on c. Manson

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    Ick…..but sometimes in certain cultures thats a sign of dominance

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    Well better to eat your own species, than some poor innocent animal!!!

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    Well, where was this? What year?

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    Btk Happy face. Karla homolka. Leopoldo and loeb

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    So was gacy … so was dahmer ….

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    You’re insane. Someone should look into your activities, pervert.

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