12 Most Unusual Murder Weapons Used in Real Life

by admin on September 13, 2010

Murders happen every day the world over, but they rarely happen with a weapon other than the standard fare of guns, knives, fists and feet. Sometimes, a brutal murder takes place that is instantly elevated from the ranks of the sad but dull to something more, simply because of the weapon used in the slaying. Barring Cold War Era assassination claims, these are the 12 most unusual murder weapons, all used in real life.


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It’s not everyday that a guy gets killed with a katana, and it’s probably not unreasonable to say that it’s even rarer in Queens, New York. Despite the overwhelming odds of normality stacked up against such an event, it’s exactly what happened in 2004, when Michael Desiderio hacked to death his buddy Ricardo Richardson — in a cocaine-induced frenzy that was sparked by a disagreement over a pillow. The two had been hanging out in the same apartment, along with a bunch of other semi-vagrants and teens, where they did drugs and listened to loud music on a nightly basis. The argument over the pillow is reasonable enough under such circumstances, but it was never quite clear where the katana came from.

Source: NY Daily News (1, 2)


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The chainsaw is a tool that is routinely linked to murder of the most vicious sort, but just about always in a fictional setting. When it comes to people getting chainsawed to death in real life, the numbers are pretty low, but one guy sought to change that by using not one, but two chainsaws to kill, and then dismember, his wife. It happened just this year, in Lewisville, Texas. Carla Corona got a random phone call from her father, Jose, who blurted out that he had killed her mother and was about to drag her body next door. Carla and her husband sped their way to her parents’ house, where they found her mother, in pieces, on the front lawn. Her father was nowhere to be found, and neither was any sort of explanation as to what caused the bizarre explosion of horrific slasher-movie violence.
Source: MY Fox Dallas Fort-Worth


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When we think of crossbows, we generally tend to think of them in the context of the medieval period, with lots of angry European men running around in heavy armor. What we don’t expect is to hear that one was used just this year, especially by a serial killer, to murder prostitutes in Bradford, England. Stephen Griffiths, who believe it or not was studying to get his PhD in Criminology at the time, was arrested by police after CCTV footage and local witnesses lead them to his apartment. He had apparently dragged the woman back to his apartment after firing a crossbow bolt into her head, chopped her up, and then dumped her in a nearby river. She is one of three recent, similar cases that all link back to Griffiths. Bradford cops believe that Griffiths may be responsible for previously unsolved prostitute-murders over the years as well, but none of them were believed to have involved a crossbow.

Source: The Times Online


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Paris Talley had a bad month back in 2007, because Paris Talley was one month old when she was cooked to death by her drunk, worthless mother. Her mother, China Arnold, had the nerve to plead not-guilty at her arraignment, and her defense attorney attempted to get her testimony thrown out of court — testimony in which she stated that if she “hadn’t gotten so drunk” that her baby “wouldn’t have died.” When coroners examined the baby, they found that she had sustained high-heat burns on the inside of her body, but had no external burns whatsoever. They found her DNA inside China’s microwave.

Source: USA Today


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If you’ve ever been chased around the house by your spatula-wielding mother or grandmother, you know terror. Those things hurt, but they’re relatively harmless aside from the sting; that’s why they’re the timeless choice of mothers world-wide, right? Wrong. When Angeles Cadillo-Castro is the woman holding the spatula, harmless is not the word for it; she beat her 5-year-old daughter to death with a standard metal and plastic kitchen spatula, then tried to act like she had no idea who the girl died. When paramedics were called to their Salt Lake City home last month, they were expecting to find a girl unconscious and in a state of cardiac arrest. They found that, but they also found that she had been severely beaten, with multiple lacerations all over her body. Once police found the broken spatula pieces, it didn’t take long for the forensic pathologist to put 2 and 2 together. Angeles as been charged with 1st degree murder.

Source: KSL

Jump rope

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Jump ropes are used as murder weapons in only the creepiest of horror films; they’re one of the last things that would be thought of as evil, and they’re nearly always associated with young children and innocence. Such was the case with Monique Fulgham, a 5-year-old kindergartner in New York City. She was alone in the apartment that would normally be shared by her mother, her grandmother, and several cousins, when an unknown intruder entered and raped her. He then strangled her with her own jump rope, and hung her from a closet door for her grandmother to find her when she got home later in the evening.
Source: NY Daily News


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Murat St. Hilaire was 55 years-old when he died in 2008. He didn’t die of a heart-attack, nor did he die in a tragic car accident. He was killed by way of a corkscrew to the side of the head. He was found lying dead on the floor of his apartment, alone, with the corkscrew nearby. Nobody knew why he had been killed, or what he was doing at the time — or with whom he was doing it with. He was simply killed by an unknown assailant, who jabbed a corkscrew into his temple and fled into the night.

Source: New York Times

Toilet tank lid

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It’s not something that would normally be thought of when building a list of potential murder weapons, but the tank lid to a standard household toilet is certainly heavy enough to do the job. Marvin Hill tested this in 2008 when he bashed Christina Eubanks over the head with one, killing her. He then proceeded to drag her body to his car, and drive it to a nearby creek where he dumped it. That much is all that is known as fact in the case; the prosecution argued that Hill forced his way into Eubanks’ home, raped her, strangled her with a dog leash, and then bashed her head in with the lid before dumping her body. The defense argued that he killed her with the lid after flying into a rage, that he had been fixing her toilet at the time, and that he the fight erupted when he told her that the affair had to end. Either way, the defense attorney readily admitted that Hill had bashed the girl’s head in with the tank lid. Hill got a 51-year minimum life sentence.

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel

Nail gun

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Everyone remembers the scene from Lethal Weapon 2 in which a nail gun is used as an automatic weapon. What nobody remembers is a single real-life story of the same thing happening, but it did happen last year, in Australia. Chen Liu was a 27-year-old Chinese immigrant studying down under on a student visa — when he suddenly found himself dead, with 35 nails in his head. He had been littered with nails by a gas-powered, high speed repeating nail gun, the kind found in any number of thousands industrial sites across the world at any given moment. Due to the nature of nail guns in general, it was impossible for the local police to match the nails to any particular gun, and there was no discarded gun anywhere in the area. Some children had found Liu’s body in a marsh, and no other evidence was found at the scene. 

Source: The First Post

Pickle jar

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While the details of the case are severely one-sided, it’s officially recorded that 55-year-old Duane Hurley raped 16-year-old Daniel Kovarbasich, whom he had been acquainted with for several years, and who was consequently convicted of voluntary manslaughter for killing the older man with a pickle jar earlier this year. Kovarbasich repeatedly bashed the Hurley over the head with a 10 lb jar of pickles, which had done more than enough damage to the man’s skull. Despite the fact that it wasn’t needed to finish the job, Kovarbasich then began stabbing Hurley with a pocket knife, followed by a large kitchen knife, just to be sure he was dead. Upon hearing Kovarbasich’s story of abuse, the judge sentenced him to 5 years probation.

Source: South Florida Gay News

Chess board

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The Vikings had their own version of Battle Chess, and it was a bit more dangerous than what we may see today. Though it could be discounted as pure legend, an old tale told in Guy of Warwick — written around the 14th Century — recalls an earlier event between two norsemen named Faber and Sowden. Sowden, the noble’s son, bid Faber to play a game of chess with him. Being as vikings were, the two became engrossed in the game and words became heated. Sowden called Faber a son of a whore and cracked him across the head with a rook, after which Faber tried to remain calm since Sowden was his superior. When Sowden went after him a second time, Faber grabbed the chessboard itself (which, being ancient and viking of origin, was likely made of stone and quite heavy) and bashed Sowden over the head with it — killing him instantly. 

Attempted: Bowling ball

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Japanese police had quite a bit of drama on their hands back in 2007 when they came upon the residence of 45-year-old Shinobu Hirata, who had apparently tried to kill her husband with a bowling ball. Hirata told the police that she was planning on committing suicide after doing the deed, had she succeeded, and that her motivations came from the staggering amount of debt that she and her husband had amassed in recent years through credit loans. So, while her husband was sleeping, Hirata hit him on the head with a 15 lb bowling ball. He must have been laying on one hell of a mattress, because he didn’t even sustain any injuries that were life-threatening at all. The fire department was called to the home shortly afterward by the couple’s son, who would have a strange story to tell that day at his elementary school.

Source: Weird Asia News

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