Police Brutality Across The United States

by admin on September 15, 2010

The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP) was started in the March of 2009 as a method of recording and analyzing police misconduct in the United States through the utilization of news media reports to generate statistical and trending information. Based on the latest report from the project, our friends from term life insurance have created the following infographic on police brutality.

via Term Life Insurance Blog

  • http://www.injusticeeverywhere.com/?p=3090 Amazing Infographic Based on NPMSRP Data « Injustice Everywhere

    [...] based on our statistical reports created by the folks at Term Life Insurance and mentioned over at Raw Justice as [...]

  • xingwoo

    Wow thats some pretty scary stuff dude.


  • Sleep Zhou

    Acutally it is not too much

  • Fuckthat

    And people wonder why cops get no respect

  • truthexposer

    See the truth for yourself: http://twitter.com/InjusticeNews

  • http://twitter.com/datd00disit Xavier

    Actually surprised reports are not higher

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  • Kobrakid209

    Thats only what gets reported there is probably a multiple of about 3 that never get reported because police are on the same team as the judges,lawyers,and anyone else that receives income from our tickets . So people feel they have no one to turn to . And if they do report it 1) Its only gonna make things worse in the future by making themselves targets. 2) No one will believe them . 3)Nothing happens anyway's and its a big waist of time . I personally have had so many un-just assaults and charges done on me I have lost count and not a single one was ever accounted for in the police report !!! The people need a police for the police W.T.F. is going on here we pay taxes to get treated like this . Where is the justice !!!!

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    [...] Police Brutality Across The United States (rawjustice.com) [...]

  • http://www.embroiderydigitizing.net/ Embroidery digitizing

    The United States have an plentiful amount of problems with criminal activities across the U.S., and police brutality is one of the biggest issues this nation must be concerned with.

  • bookworm worm

    A reasonable level of life assurance based on their individual circumstances. life assurance

  • Mitch-179


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    [...] of 10 police brutality moments of 2014. According to Term Life Insurance’s US police brutality report, 5,986 cases of police brutality were recorded from 2009 to 2010, with 382 fatalities linked to [...]

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