Man Buys Police Department’s Domain Name After Getting Ticket

by admin on October 8, 2010

Most of the time, if you get a speeding ticket you just grumble about it and pay the fine. It’s usually not a big deal for most people unless it happens a lot or they get caught going a ridiculous amount over the posted speed limit. You can fight it in court or just pay the ticket, and for most people those are the only options.

However, after receiving a $90 speeding ticket in Bluff City, Tennessee, Brian McCrary discovered a third option. The Bluff City Police Department had forgotten to renew their domain name,, and let it expire. McCrary bought the domain name for $80 and posted his side of the story with information about speed traps in Bluff City and the $250,000 per month they cost the town’s 1,500 residents.

The police department had no idea their domain name had expired and that McCrary owned it until reporters started calling them to ask about it. Bluff City Police Chief David Nelson said they may approach McCrary about buying the domain back from him, but they are not optimistic.

McCrary’s goal is to get enough attention to put pressure on the local government to remove the traffic enforcement cameras in Bluff City.

  • Spender H.

    The city of Garland, Texas is operating an illegitimate (and very profitable) speed trap on eastbound Highway 190 by enforcing speed limit signs which are placed improperly according to explicit state and federal guidelines. The improper signs are attached to posts which support the overhead signs for the Highway 78 interchange where the speed limit drops from 70mph down to 55mph.
    The “Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” ( states in section 2E.10:“Regulatory signs, such as speed limits, should not be used in conjunction with overhead guide sign installations. Because road users have limited time to read and comprehend sign messages, there should not be more than three guide signs displayed at any one location either on the overhead structure or its support.” The signs on Highway 190 violate both clauses as there are three overhead guide signs plus two speed limit signs. The Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices has the same restrictions in section 2E.11. (
    WFAA reported that Garland made $400,000 in one year by ticketing motorists on 190 (
    They are making money hand-over-fist from drivers who are not being properly notified of the speed limit change. My thoughts go out to anyone injured in traffic accidents at that location where excess speed was ruled a contributing factor as Garland is responsible, perhaps along with the North Texas Tollway Authority. It is Garland’s duty to properly inform drivers of dangerous situations, not to prey on innocent and unsuspecting drivers by enforcing speed limit signs placed where there own regulations say they won’t be seen. Garland should be held accountable for its dangerous dishonesty.

  • Anonymous

    LOL< no way dude that is jsut too funny<

  • Diggdown

    This is old news. Your about 2-3months behind. How much did it cost you to get stale news on diggs front page?

  • Unixman84

    two thumbs up for that guy! ^ ^

  • Scrod

    This sounds like an affluent person’s problems! Anyone who’s suffered real injustice from a police dept would (A) do more with their domain name than whine about a $90 speeding ticket!

  • VeritasAmore

    I can’t tell you how much this type of story heartens my heart of hearts! During this Age of Political Discontent, one theme that is true to the core of the problems is the abuse of power by political entities that have little justification for their own raison d’etre. If all the Bluff City, TN, “police force” does to exist is produce a revenue stream for the local government, a more bland form of tyranny cannot exist in a “peaceful” nation that has no other need for police protection than transferring money to the city treasury. Obviously, something has gone terribly wrong for anyone to think this sort of thing is ok.

  • T Bone

    how is 2 month old Tennessee news old, ha.

  • nshkl

    McCrary should be taught the proper respect for us at the government, Guantanamo Bay has a nice reeducation center.

    He thinks the police should be bound by some laws or rules.

  • Pacific Vacuum

    Weird how people are just seeing this now…. this has been bouncing around the internet for months on many other sites. Also, the light gray you use for the comment font is REALLY hard to read, fuck.

  • Bcaz

    “$250,000 per month they cost the town’s 1,500 residents.” That’s $2000 per year per resident. WOW! For 2 Grand a year, I would slow down.

  • LJSeinfeld

    Fuck you fascist

  • LJSeinfeld

    Aaaaannnd fuck you too for being a boot-licker.

  • Micromussa

    Kiss my ass piggy

  • Anonymous

    Want to wager he’ll either sell the domain name for a tidy sum, or perhaps turn it into a meetingplace cum clearinghouse for all whom the PD has wronged? I wouldn’t wager on this turning out pretty for the PD, though.

  • Paul Allen

    that’s….. awesome.

  • JobsFor10

    Great thinking on Brian’s part. Very witty! Power to the people.

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck niggers

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  • Db_cooper

    Who says you can’t fight city hall, or the local PD…

  • Mongoman

    Here’s my comment. Slow the fuck down, stay within the speed limit, get out and vote the politicians out that you don’t like, be a fucking citizen instead of an anarchist asshole.

  • Mattq1086

    Ha! This is a few miles from me. The cameras are in a spot on a divided highway right where the speed limit goes from 55 to 45. They are pretty clearly marked though. Still, they are the only speed cameras anywhere in probably 50 miles

  • Sal

    You can’t vote them out….brainwashed asshole voters that are their allies. Take up arms or buy some lasers off ebay and blind them!!!!!!

  • Sal

    The photo cameras that is….after a few thousand dollars fixing the cam’s they will give up

  • Lgrantphoto

    if he were an anarchist, mongo, he would have torn down the cameras in the middle of the night. labeling him an anarchist just because you don’t agree with him isn’t productive at all. and he probably does vote, if he goes to this extent to point out something that’s wrong with his town. his goal was get to information out to the public, and to start the wheels turning (squeaky wheel gettin’ the grease and all, you know?), get the dialogue going.

  • Norman Franklin

    good for this guy go get dad

  • Spamhole28

    fuck you! grow a set of balls and revolt! Stop being a pussy and force the system to change. Politicians are politicians no matter which one you vote in.

  • Anonymous

    That lazer idea is a good one think I’ll try it. -antigovernment asshole ;)

  • Ohiocutter

    Cop suck. protect and serve means they protect each other and serve their own interests. I’ve never met a cop with any real integrity…I doubt that any really exist.

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  • Dj41326

    Yeah I am sure that is what the Germans said to the Jews.

  • Dj41326

    Bravo SIR. I we would all just fight every single ticket with a trial by jury they would never have enough resources to fight even 5% of the tickets written.

  • Aku Ankka

    I call a bluff.

  • Swisssolutions

    You have not 1/2 the courage it takes to say that to our faces.

    You are nothing like the people who started the USA.

  • nshkl

    Would you be another gutless coward? Theres quite a few of you in the USA. So much for the “Home of the brave.”

    Maybe it should be changed to “Home of the brave enough to anonymously criticize government, and nothing more.”

  • AquarianJedi

    I got a ticket in that exact area and I’m not complaining about the cameras. Yeah, I was pissed, but I was also speeding. There are a lot of people complaining about the cameras. You know they’re there and you know what the speed limit is. Quit being a bunch of babies.

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  • Meccapants

    haha that’s funny! Good for the cops! Dumb ass

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  • Anonymous

    but seriously there are loads of issues to deal with regarding speed and red light cameras. I like the idea of this enforcement device because I’m more a pedestrian and cyclists than a driver. I like speed limit enforcement and the privacy issues (driving doesn’t seem like a private act to me–in fact, it’s the most public act in which most of us ever engage). It’s too bad that speed limits are too often seen as minimum speeds and not their maximum. That’s driver privilege talking–simply put, drivers think they should be able to speed and cheat yellow traffic lights.

    A lot of hay has been made of the issue regarding traffic light cameras causing accident. Rear end accident might increase (rarely fatal accidents). T-bone accidents (often fatal) usually decrease. Red light cameras might increase accidents and simultaneously reduce injury/fatality accidents.

    But then there’s the idea that the cameras are actually owned by profit making business that only share ticket revenue with the municipalities. Privatization of law enforcement. We should all worry when law enforcement becomes a function of the private, for-profit model. In Bluff City’s case, the ticket revenue is split with an Arizona-based company.

    I hate the idea that law enforcement is being privatized–that should be illegal. But I like speed and traffic cameras. Fight against privatized law enforcement and perhaps these devices could be used to increase safety on streets and intersections without being abused for profit.

  • Goober

    Traffic ticket cameras are a violation of rights to begin with. They deny you the right to face your accuser. Any ticket issued by them can be thrown out simply because of this.

  • Mikey5000

    Finally a responsible creative way to fight social injustice. It’s good to see that everyone is not just going to lay down and take this BS revenue generating chicken sh$$ tickets. Knowledge is power and no matter what you say this man informed people and gave them power.

  • Valek Hawke

    Unless I am mistaken (and I admit I am relying on rather old and very abused memory) since speeding tickets are considered “Infractions” and not actually a “crime” per se you are not entitled to a trial by jury. Otherwise you would most definitely be on to something and that’s probably WHY speeding tickets were classified as infractions in the first place – to prevent this very thing.

  • Kyle Webs

    Is this real? Bluff City? Bluff as in lying? Since when does a police department make their domain a .com? They’re usually part of the city’s website. And I thought all government websites are .gov…

  • Jackie

    So he’s complaining that someone is enforcing the laws he so readily breaks? Way to go. I have no sympathy with miscreants who endanger others by speeding.

  • yodaismycopilot

    Sweet. The guy is probably a libertarian.

  • Joe

    Spamhole is right. Fuck you, you’re afraid to go against the grind you fucking follower. Red light cameras were just installed in my town and they wont be working for long. Promise.

  • Braines9

    this shit rocks lol

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  • Dayid

    Florida’s “state site” on every license plate (yay, forced to advertise a commercial site) – is “” rather than the more appropriate “” or “”. Also, my hometown’s local mayor/government site is also a .com. Incorrect: absolutely – but this is the consequence of idiots who think that every website ends in “.com”

  • Kenny Kinlund

    Yes, be a good little slave because THAT’S what makes a difference. How about you turn off the brainwashing box and read a book or something; the only thing that can and has ever caused a serious change in government is disobedience, civil (known to work better) or otherwise (only works if you win). The threat of mass disobedience is the ONLY thing that has kept us safe from absolute tyranny (if you don’t yet define the current conditions as such) ever since the beginning.

  • Msgarcia_asshole

    thats badass

  • redneck2000

    drive slower

  • my2cents

    Speed cameras don’t actually make much money for the government, Simon Cowell pays more income tax than speed cameras make profit.

  • sick of liberals.

    Laws are put in place for a fucking reason. Maybe you wouldn’t be so ready to agree with this McFuckface shithole if he had run over a child in the process of speeding? HM? Or you faggots would probably still agree because you’re into being “against the man”. You’re all probably a bunch of idiot potheads.

    And quit talking about how traffic cameras violate your rights. YOU are the ones violating the law to begin with, why should a violator be allowed to dispute on a petty thing like that?

  • Billybigbob

    Not sure on the US rules, but in the UK this is known as cyber squating and they domain could be taken off him immediately.

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  • Jason Quinn

    WELL DONE! bravo, good sir. that is just what we need, technological creativity aimed at exposing the state.

  • Farter

    Jefferson was an anarchist. The term is thrown around a lot by people who don’t even fully understand the meaning behind it.

  • William

    May be old news but still funny as heck

  • lol


  • guest

    how about you drive at the fucking speed limit, you retard. is it really that hard?

  • AwesomeTown

    Cool one-man war, I admire the method, but not the motive. I mean seriously, it would be much easier just to stick to the speed limit, then cameras wouldn’t matter to you at all.

  • Rawr

    Jefferson WAS NOT an anarchist, he just wanted decreased federal power and more power to the states, he still wished for things to happen in the government.

  • Njdayv

    I’m really glad you clarified that…

  • Nanwilwin

    They are not going to remove the cameras they are going to arrest you for trying to bribe them…

  • Benbenolson

    Mongo, you are obviously ignorant of the great joy that this story should bring us. As Americans, we should be thankful that someone can fight against an unjust government like this man in the story can. It’s just one of the many liberties that Americans enjoy and that others wish they could enjoy.

  • Joecllw

    Isn’t that the norm?

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  • Ae0188

    If you speed you are breaking the law, sometimes causing anxiety, anguish, injury, destruction, dealth etc. For this you get a ticket, a fine. It is meant to discourage you. Dont speed, you wont get fined. Maybe your good at driving at high speeds, maybe you arent. FACT is that speeding does cause the above to happen. Are we supposed to wait until a driver kills someone to fine them? No, not when we already know that speeding does cause all the above. Whose life is not worth having a law to limit the occaision of death? Your mother? Your daughter? Your neighbors son? Have I lost someone to a vehicle accident? No. Do I know someone who has, yes. I bet you do too. But you think your different, better than anyone else at handling speed. Of course. Sure. Your the most dangerous one out there. Look up the last 10 vehicular deaths in your state alone. Look at the pictures. Look at whether the person who died was at fault, the age, whether theyve left a mother, son, grandchildren without someone important in their life now. LOOK at how those last 10 in your state occurred in just a week or two, three if your lucky. Look at how many people have lost someone they love in just the last year. Yeah, speed doesnt matter. You not being told what to do by anyone is what matters. Of course if your mother, father, brother, sister, child, best friend, girlfriend, wife were killed that would be ok too. Because you dont want to tell people they cant speed.

  • Biker_jez

    Mongoman your a noob. I know why, i can explain in detail, but im drunk, and cant be arsed, your just a noob. dude.

  • ABigEffU

    [...] RawJustice] Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a [...]

  • Wturtleny

    I personally like being an anarchist asshole. It allows me to sit back and laugh at statist assholes like you.

  • Wturtleny

    Good answer.

  • wturtleny

    Guess it didn’t take the right bounces. I just read it today.

  • Wturtleny

    nshkl’s comment was sarcastic as you would have known if you read his link. You should apologize.

  • wturtleny

    Laws are put in place to subjugate the people.

    You like the Patriot Act?
    You like Obamacare?
    You like Corporate Bailouts?

    Those are laws passed by your liberal friends. Are you so accepting of them?

  • wturtleny

    Your logic (like your grammar) sucks.

    Speeding does NOT cause accidents any more than drinking milk causes death. After all everyone that drinks milk dies (eventually). If speeding caused accidents then EVERYONE would be in accidents because everybody speeds. They’re not.

  • Mongokongo

    Don’t be such a jerk Mong.

  • Timbear2020

    By buying this domain and taking the fight to them, he IS being a citizen. Being former LEO myself and seeing the dickheads being hired these days, I am proud of this fellow for taking the fight to them. Half the speeding tickets are bogus anyways.

  • Mdusd

    I love it! That is great.

  • Drshukla01

    this is a worldwide phenomenon be it in india china or russia. traffic police everywhere is same.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you, you stupid son of a bitch, some people like to drive fast,,,,just bc your poorass can’t afford a nice car doesn’t mean other people have to drive slow to accomodate people in shitty situations like yours, and keep any further bullshit statements like that to yourself.. thanks

  • Gryfffyn

    Stumble needs a “LOVE IT!!” button.

  • Hgfhgf


  • Paully Wally

    Now THIS is an American!

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  • Monoke

    There is a reason for things like that you know… if the police didn’t enforce the speed laws then people would be driving as fast as they wanted to which would make it MUCH more dangerous.

  • Bulldogexp1

    i guess if your not speeding and running redlights you wouldn’t be getting tickets.see people flying like a bat outa hell down the roads and then they piss and moan because they get caught and get a ticket..oh,boohoo..

  • Drkazoodi

    That’s awesome! Get those cameras removed!

  • catmush

    If the State, police, or community actually wanted to stop speeding; then put in speed bumps or similar structural things. Speed Traps and surveillance simply aren’t effective ways to promote safety, or behavior change. No matter how well enforced things are, and how harshly punished someone is, you are causing more harm than safety by using these methods. If you actually wanted to save peoples lives, then eliminate cops and use your money to fund public health experts and social psychologists to create functional public safety methods to implement.
    Structural interventions (like making cars not go past a max of 60 MPH and speed bump things) are almost always more effective than surveillance/enforcement/punishment model;
    And, preventing the need for punishment is the only way out of the Two Wrong Don’t Make a Right problem.

  • catmush

    Slowing down, or rather speeding, isn’t where the cost is going. The cost is going to surveillance mostly, and little bit to enforcement.
    They can use surveillance to notice the people are slowing down and this would cost the same amount.
    Enforcement is of minimal significance because they already have officers and courts, its the surveillance that’s expensive and only changing the surveillance can change the cost.

  • catmush

    This isn’t about enforcement or having speed limits, its about the surveillance (which is also where the cost is located [in the cameras])

  • catmush

    Cameras would still be funneling money away from helping the people (education, parks, or what ever) whether or not people speed.

  • catmush

    Privatization of the police is only bad when they continue to be agents of the State. In true privatization one of two things happen: Either they become agents of the rich and are basically a legalized crime racket; or they become agents of the masses and serve the public good instead of the States will.
    Since the State doesn’t follow the will of the masses well, nor can the masses easily hold the State accountable, Socializing the Police is as problematic as is privatizing them.
    The answer is the recognize that Coroporation and States share qualities. One of them being massive sizes and another being highly centralized. Eliminate these two characteristics, and it won’t matter whether the police are Private or Social anymore.

  • Monoke

    I dunno. We have those cameras in my town and I don’t mind them. They catch a lot of speeders and that means (if the people pay their tickets) more money for the city.

  • Jeffrey Zelaya

    Sell it , make money and move on!

  • gonzo612

    Dude… you -were- speeding. Cops don’t really care if you post this information, they love it actually, your doing their work for them. Good show!

  • mad in missouri

    why is it wrong for the average person to speed , but , the cops speed its an ok thing . if a cop is going after a felon perp, and a wreck occurs because of the chase if a person dies as a result of that wreck then the perp can be charged with murder, but , if the wreck is caused by the police nothing happens to the cop

  • Jthookem

    So, since this is old news, it doesn’t matter. That’s like saying if it happened in the 18th century, it doesn’t matter. If the Nazis are using the same techniques that are being used now, it doesn’t matter. Who cares but short memories rule!

  • Homefiresburning


    While this is older news, it is still nice. Very creative and will definitely get the attention of anyone who logs onto the police website only to view the ‘new’ content.

    But McCrary better watch out for the Gestapo kicking his doors and windows in one night to teach him a lesson.

  • JJ

    Follow Arizona’s lead— don’t pay the tickets; the state of Arizona couldn’t afford to prosecute all or jail all, a few hundred thousand…the cameras were history within months.

  • anonomous ex cop

    In 1986 I applied for a job as police officer with the city of Bluff City. I was a state certified officer with three years experience. The Chief of Police and Police Commisioner recommended me for the job and the city council voted unanimously to hire me.

    The Mayor vetoed the hiring because I was not African American and he wanted to hire an African American. The Chief of Police presented the file of applicants to the Mayor showing that no African Americans had applied for the job. One of the councilmen then pointed out to him that the unanimous vote ovrrode his veto. The Mayor then pulled a rabbit out of his hat with the city charter showing that he had sole discretion in hiring of police officers, so I did not get the job.

    I was really irate about the whole deal and felt that I was the victim of reverse discrimination. I probably was, (the Mayor was African American) but in retrospect, the Mayor did me a huge favor that I can never repay adequately.

    Thank you Mr Mayor for saving me from the life of a small town cop surrounded by politics and small town corruption.

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  • speedzone is a dumbass

    Yo dumbass as much as you want to go as fast as possible, there’s this one thing called TRAFFIC SAFETY. Its assholes like you who cause accidents and kill tons of people. and fighting against a speeding ticket? Come off it. If you’re going to be speeding and putting others in jail you deserve a fucking ticket.

  • Correcting my last reply lol

    danger* not jail. Typo xP

  • Ka-BOOM

    Eliminate cops? Are you fucking serious? So what do we do when someone assaults us and takes all of our shit? What do we do when there’s someone who’s broken into our house in the middle of the night? Cops can be corrupt but they’re fucking helpful to. We shouldn’t eliminate cops thats the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.

  • Tull

    Because the cops are trying to catch a criminal and if they let him/her get away they could hurt someone. But of course, you wouldn’t know because of all that time spent “sittin’ on yer po’ch an’ chuggin’ down moonshine” right?

  • Mike_kambeitz

    Are you guys all retarded? (As I believe is clear from your posts)

    The issue is NOT the speeding… The issue is the state has placed the “REDUCED SPEED LIMIT” signs where NO ONE can see them… What is happening is that the people driving are NOT being warned early enough of the REDUCED speed limit, so therefore do NOT have the time to slow down.

    THe issue really is NOT that he feels he SHOULD be allowed to speed… The real issue is the MANNER in which the police dept is conducting itself.


  • that guy

    thats a good a great idea fall in line with the rest of the sheep you D-bag the government is getting to combfy and they need to fear us all

  • Paul Jinks

    Crazy choice of font color on the comments section. Don’t you want us to read them?

    Otherwise, generally you get a speeding ticket because you were speeding. People die because some motorists think the speed limit is whatever they feel comfortable with. Running late? Go faster.

    Thirty years ago this kind of moron used to drink and drive “I always drove home drunk and never killed anyone yet”. Pay the fine and don’t do it again.

  • Dfgdfg

    HAHAH legit as hell keep the name. just for the hell of it.

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  • Jon

    I’m actually surprised at some of the comments here. In the UK we have these cameras on a lot of major roads and there are rules depicting where they can be placed. Recently it was reported that some cameras were “hidden” behind obstacles so that Drivers couldn’t see them, This was seen as an obvious trap attempt and they were removed. I will agree with the posters recommending staying within the speed limit rather than calling for outright anarchism simply because you cannot drive at speeds which put other drivers in danger.

  • Bryan Wood

    Yes. Vote somebody else in that will just ignore what you voted them in for.

  • Rongallagher92

    Like a boss.

  • 186282 MPS

    90 dollars? I was 15 over the limit on an interstate here in Indiana… Cost me damn near $250.00… And don’t get me started on insurance for a 21 year old… The fact of the matter is, when someone is speeding it is usually because they NEED to speed. 

  • Marketing Agency

    I find this story together with the city name highly ironic.

  • Marketing Agency

    is not about the speed you dense fucks, it’s about how it costs a city of 1500 that much money per month

  • Anonymous

    I love it!  Why people support these scam cams is beyond me.  Traffic laws are there for safety reasons…not a method to screw the public out of money on technicalities. If the government needs more money, they’re going to have to raise taxes and then explain why they needed it to the voters.

  • David

    Are you serious?  Speed cameras are there to stop people speeding.  When people speed, there is a greater chance of people being killed. The speed cameras protect the innocent from dying, and fines generate revenue, which the councils NEED to provide a decent service to the people.  Grow up, for God’s sake. 

  • Covis

    DID you actually read the story?  I don’t believe you did because you’re stupid. Not much else you can do bout that I suppose other than aspire to not be AS stupid.

  • Harley Rider

    LOL…sticking it to the man…love it.

  • Harley Rider

    right….and you never, I mean NEVER have broken the law….in any way?…whats it like to walk on water?..

  • Harley Rider

    right….and you never, I mean NEVER have broken the law….in any way?…whats it like to walk on water?..

  • Harley Rider

    And you probably agree that taking away our liberties is good for us too…as long as the big Govt can ensure our safety…not me.

  • Harley Rider

    And you probably agree that taking away our liberties is good for us too…as long as the big Govt can ensure our safety…not me.

  • Harley Rider

    Thats right…When the Government fears the people….its liberty, when the people fear the Government …its Tyranny.

  • Harley Rider

    sick of liberals… are a disgrace to the USA!
    you have no concept regarding the Constitution….hell, you probably have never read it!
    leave my beloved USA, do us all a favor.
    and you are wrong! I am a Military war Veteran and do not smoke pot. I just love my country and the GOD given freedoms that our forefathers enacted.

  • Harley Rider

    Law enforcement actually wants people to speed…so they can generate revenue for the budget….seen it firsthand.
    its written in the towns budget every year.

  • Harley Rider

    the death toll in Montana from speeding vehicles declined after a section of highway had an unlimited speed limit…true fact.
    speed limits do NOT save lives, experienced drivers DO.

  • Caseyw5555

    OMG What a badass, that make me want to do the same thing. The local traffic police their foots on all of our throats and wont let off, its nice to hear a story about somebody fighting back. Atlanta Junk

  • Hotel Marketing

    The comments make my brain bleed. Anarchist teenagers are really
    the worst of the worst. I’m sure they’ll change when they grow the hell
    up, or when one of their loved ones is killed in a car crash.

  • Crmellon

    Yeah, fuck red lights. Getting obliterated by a SUV as you blow through an intersection will really show the Government you mean business. That or smashing up a little girl on a bike and going to jail for the next 25 years. Stay strong brother, fuck society. 

  • Keith

    It’s lies. I live there, it never happened

  • Digital marketing London

    Made me smile, but I’ve actually come around to support speed
    cameras. I don’t speed anymore since I got dinged, and I wish nobody
    else would speed.


  • Digital marketing London

    a ray of justice in an otherwise dark legal horizon

  • Anonymous

    Why is a government unjust when it enforces speed limits?  We do NOT have the right to jeopardize public safety by speeding.  We DO have the right to have streets that are safe to drive on.   The government of that town is protecting our right, not taking away a right.  Grow up and think about the common good instead of just your own selfish little wants and desires.  Friggin kids!!

  • becca

    wait…. so now it’s unjust to give out speeding tickets for speeding??? last time I checked there was a speed limit to ensure the safety of the drivers on the road. sure, if the cop busted him for going like 5-10 mph over the speed limit and gave him a $90 ticket thats quite ridiculous. but im sure that wasn’t the case. even then, what he did was still illegal and the cop had every right to bust him. its not unjust.

  • becca

    yeah, fuck safety! life is for douchebags! y’know. because crashing into fucking eighteen wheelers because theres no designated traffic flow is just SOOOO COOL.

  • Hotel Web Design

    Anarchist teenagers are really the worst of the worst. I’m sure
    they’ll change when they grow the hell up, or when one of their loved
    ones is killed in a car crash.

  • Dhconsult

    Welcome to democracy and the free market.  Bravo sir, well played.

  • Web Design Agency London

    Useful blog man buys polive departments domain name after getting ticket is a good matter to discuss

  • Phm

    Shut up you mongo retard. People like you need put down.

  • Anonymous

    i got a speeding ticket in tenn by a state trooper that came around the curve as I was passing a slow motorist. I sped up so as to not hit the trooper head on. he pulled me and wrote me a speeding ticket.
    This is the same game being played all over the country…technicality crimes. You didn’t ride your brakes down that hill so, for coasting over the speed limit you now owe thousands to the gov’t and insurance companies. Then ,there’s the cops sitting in speed zone changes writing tickets because, you were two miles over while, approaching a lower speed limit. Technicalities is the new game.

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