Distressed Toddler Gets a TSA Pat Down

by admin on November 19, 2010

Mandy Simon, 3, was recently hand-searched at the airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee because she cried when screeners took her teddy bear to run it through the x-ray machine.

Since Mandy was upset about the teddy bear, she could not walk calmly through the metal detector and caused the machine to be set off twice. TSA regulations required a hand-search at that point. Yes, they patted down a toddler.

Mandy’s father is a television reporter and he caught a few seconds of the ordeal on video.

  • Anonymous

    The TSA is USELESS. Biggest WASTE of an agency there is. Run and manned by complete and utter MORONS!


  • POed

    Pigs!! Everyone boycot air travel and the airlines will put enough pressure on the government to stop this crap.

  • http://www.therealryanb.com/?p=530 yeah… tsa is in trouble… h… « the real ryan b
  • Roger Wilco

    The terrorists won.

  • James

    I actually had to stop that video halfway through, and I’ve sat through 3 guys 1 hammer, ehhh.

  • Slibber

    Has a lawyer seen this? I’m pretty sure that the TSA agent patting the little girl down is guilty of child molestation. Anyone who has been around human beings knows what happens when you take away a 3 year old’s teddy bear. Does the TSA hire people based on their lack of common sense?

  • http://lawriot.com/2010/11/how-far-is-too-far-tsa-gives-toddler-a-pat-down/ How Far is Too Far? TSA Gives Toddler a Pat Down | Law Riot

    [...] TSA regulating regarding pat-downs has been relatively controversial to say the least. RawJustice.com just posted a story about a Chattanooga, Tennessee toddler who refused to walk through the metal detector calmly after TSA took her teddy bear to run it through the x-ray machine. This caused the metal detector to go off two times resulting in a pat down. You can see the brief video footage HERE. [...]

  • Jayhwatts

    you dickholes are so ignorant. i absolutely want the tsa to check anything suspicious. sure, more than likely it’s just a teddy bear but there are sick people out there who would use a child as means to carry whatever onboard a plane. im sure the kid is traumatized.. she wont remember this happening in an hour. you are all stupid.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    You, like the idiot in this video, are what’s wrong with America. Tell us please, what is suspicious about the inner thighs of a 3-year-old wearing skin-tight pants?

  • Guest321

    ya that’s practical….. good luck buddy.

  • http://twitter.com/BoomerJack Jack M. Boardman

    And this somehow makes us safer?

  • Rockyourspot

    I am so disturbed with this video and the psychological harm being caused to this child.

    Support this:


  • Anonymous

    No. http://www.house.gov. Find your State Representative, email them your argument and urge them to support Ron Paul’s HR 6416, the American Traveler Dignity Act, and see if we can’t make a difference in the government.

  • Jefferson

    While I do have the tendency to believe people when they call me a “dickhole,” you are missing the point.

  • Jefferson

    Indeed. Go to http://www.house.gov. Find your US Representative and urge them to support Ron Paul’s HR 6416, the American Traveler Dignity Act. It’s fruitless to seek a change outside the government.

  • http://techdraginfo.blogspot.com/ shenoyjoseph

    this is insane guys they make girl to cry

  • Angelynx

    I’m not supporting any idea of Ron Paul’s EVER, but seriously, couldn’t someone with sense have stepped in and stopped this?
    (and how did it get this far anyway? couldn’t they screen the bear and then give it to her so she’d walk thru the detector? or a parent carry her through?

  • Stuff
  • No

    Breaking news!
    TSA gets new mascot PEDO bear
    TSA to hire defrocked PEDO priests for their skill in feeling up children.

  • Bogart

    The kid is a brat. Teach her to calm down. Airport security doesn’t take that long and it has an important purpose. Everybody who’s throwing hissy fits (kids and adults alike) about it are just making everybody else wait longer. Thanks a lot, assholes.

  • No

    “psychological harm being caused to this child”

    yes because a 3 year doesn’t react like the same way when you give her the wrong type of cereal in the morning.

  • quitbytchin

    really, I change diapers of lots of kids. And when I do, i touch their junk. I am pretty sure that a pat down of clothes on 3 year old is less severe than having its diaper changed.

  • Wow

    then what? we just let the terrorist fly?

  • Roy

    when white people’s rights are violated… they blaze up the roof… this is nothing compared to what happens to some arab kids… and yes I’m white.

  • Seriously?

    this just in the one who calls himself “stuff” is a moron.

    “1. The TSA does not create security, only an image thereof.”
    Yes and by the same logic, no speed limit has ever technically saved a life. We should probably just disband all of them.

    “2. The radiation technology used is unsafe.”
    I will give you this one. Unsafe is definitely possible. The juror is out. There are tests out. But which test will you trust:

    All of them?
    None of them?
    the next one?
    Only when one of them finally agrees with you?

    If you picked this last option then you’ve already decided and the science doesn’t really matter.

    “3. The molestation administered has an emotional impact:”
    You’re crazy, if you are calling that molestation. You do know that their parents still wash their little bottoms in the bath at the age, right. Stop fishing.

    “4. There are alternatives:”
    Oh how great the israels’ process is. I wish we could take it and apply it for the 30,000 daily flights above the united states instead of their measly 50. That would be something. But the logistics will take some substantial doing. And you don’t list an item 4A, so you must not have a solution for that, so we’ll never know. We are just lost in the dark without your brilliance.

  • what?

    Careful with big words like “common sense”.

    “Common sense” says that the moon is closer to you than Mexico because, well… you can see the moon.

    Besides common sense says that a “reporter” taking his child thru the controversial screening with a prepared camera – staged the whole thing for the scoop. He riled her all up by delaying lunch and waking her early from her nap; and then set this process into action by opting out of the screening on behalf of his child- subjecting her instead to the pat down. (It does make for better TV that way.)

    And walla!!!! News gold!

    Then put video of your kid going thru it out on the internet. He really cares so much more about his kid than he does personal gain.

    Just sayin.

    Parent of the year right there. But don’t take it from me. Use your “common sense.”

  • goodgrief

    Please have a kid before you make lame comments like this. 3 year old girls cry over the simplest of things. Sometimes parents even having to drag them out of restaurants literally kicking and screaming when they are making a scene. Ask a parent.

  • http://www.nds-gear.com Nintendo DS R4

    That is disgusting. Why do the TSA even exist, this is pathetic.

  • really?

    Jack I will explain this for you really slow so you can understand it.

    Its called a deterrent. It isn’t suppose to catch the 3 year old who has a bomb in hers pants it suppose to keep the terrorists from even coming to the airport.

  • http://twitter.com/NateLindberg Nate Lindberg

    Thats changing a diaper…

    This is completely different. Someone changing a child’s diaper is usually CLOSE to the child – a parent, friend, or other sort of care taker. This TSA pat down was by a COMPLETE stranger. I’m not a parent, but if I had a three year old, I’d be incredibly irked, and disgusted at a complete stranger touching my child in that manner.

  • James’ baby

    I know james – no one likes a screaming kid. What till you have one and you realize that they scream from time to time. You will probably start beating yours since you have such a weak stomach for it and had to turn off the video “halfway thru.”

    Kids are complicated even when they aren’t going thru a TSA screening. Check into it before you open your mouth next time with a comment like that.

  • No More Exploding Planes

    if you don’t check 3 year olds, terrorist will put bombs in their pants. They will be called baby bombs. Cause comes before morality.

    I hate terrorists. I don’t hate TSA employees. It might be that I feel comfortable with my body and I have a big ole johnson, but this all is harmless. And all the complaining is for sissies – keep it too yourself and stop being such a prude. We’ll all be safer for it.

  • Anonymous

    TSA consistently fails to deal with its risk communication issues. It is amazing how after nine years of outraging the public it is designed to serve, TSA appears to learn nothing. This is no small thing. If TSA continues to anger the public by failing to anticipate and mitigate the outrage its actions and policies generates, then we will make air travel that much more vulnerable to attack.

  • roger wilcos cavity search

    Did i miss something – is the TSA giving these pat downs when you leave the house in the morning? Cuz if not… then nothing has really changed. There has always been a screening process at the airport. You stand in line. You walk thru. Sounds like it is pretty much the same.

    Although I do love it when all you nut jobs make arguments like this. It was fun that last time too; when taking off your shoes was a great invasion of privacy. How dare they!!!!

    Call me when they decide cavity searches are necessary. Until then, its a small price to pay.

  • Coperi43

    All kids are not alike… Do you know the background of this child? Maybe the kid is crying because of the TSA agent touching her. Im a parent

  • Guest000x0

    How many terrosits attempts have these techniques, stopped? If they are so good how come we do not see the reports on the media to help the public understand the importance of these screenings?

  • Guest_23

    There are differents way of doing these screenings but what TSA is doing is abuse of power with no direct effects on results.

  • quitbytchin

    gag me, nate. seriously?

    “I don’t have kid but….”
    “I’m no engineer but…”
    “I no politician but…”

    Kids cry – that’s what they do. Especially when their father says – “oh no my kid is opting out of the screening. She will take the pat down.” And then stand back with his camera because he is a “journalist” and this a great story. Next time you pretend that you have a kid, be incredibly irked by another parent using his kid as a innocent pawn in his attempt to be sensational. And be disgusted by the fact that he puts it on the internet for personal gain. And be disgusted the in a few years, when the kid is capable, she will still be able to find if she wants to. It really is worth broadcasting to the world into perpetuity.

    But that is just me. I don’t have any pretend kids. Just 3 real ones all under the age of 5. You surely have a better perspective than I do.

    Keep telling people all about it.

    Everyone loves,”I’m no (fill in with anything here) but…”

  • Jenniferlosche

    Honestly, as a teacher, what bothers me is how bratty kids are allowed to be now a days. I watched the video, and a three year old screaming and throwing a fit because she has to let go of her teddy bear for a minute is just a bratty tempe…r tantrum, and I can not believe she is looking like the victim. And it’s not like they were accosting the kid, they pat her down, while the mom holds her and the pat down had nothing to do with why she was crying in the first place, if you read the article. Plus, she set off the metal detector–twice. You set it off, you get a pat down. It’s not a big deal. Terrorist are not above using kids. And apparently neither are over eagar news reporter dads…if it furthers their career or agenda. My verdict: pat down, not a big deal–bratty kids in airport, huge deal.

  • Let the adults talk, DS

    because the 100,000 ton bombs we call planes. Fly over your house. 30,000 of them a day in the united states.

    The TSA protects the united states everything that flies above it.

    But I will let them know that you don’t want their protection anymore. A plane will be dropping on your house momentarily. Stay tuned.

  • http://www.badhebrew.com Typo Tat

    Why is this a problem? Do you think terrorists will hesitate to plant a bomb on a child, if they knew children don’t get checked?

    Having children checked, saves not only your life, but also the lives of the kids who would be otherwise used as bomb mules. So stop the bleeding heart nonsense already.

  • MrCrow

    Who’s idea was gray text on a white background? Also, Israel. If Israelis don’t have to get x-rayed or patted down every time they go through the airport, what the fuck are we doing. Last time I checked they have borders with multiple countries that would love to see them destroyed. Like Mexico but instead of illegals wanting to support their families, they wanted to kill us all.

  • atropos77

    Baby bombs? I think everyone is now stupider after reading that.

  • atropos77

    How many terrorists has the TSA caught at their security checkpoints?


    The TSA isn’t security, it’s security theater. If a terrorist were to set off a bomb at an airport before he were to reach security, it would be just as damaging to the transportation infrastructure as if he were able to get through security with it. Most major airports have lots of space that anybody can walk around in without having to go through security. There’s no security at the front doors, no security at the ticket counters, etc.

    Imagine a terrorist parking his car, walking through the door, walking to security and THEN blowing himself up. Every airport in the country would grind to a halt. Has that EVER happened in the United States? No. NEVER.

    So what’s the point? A terrorist could kill at least as many people by blowing himself up in a crowded security area during the holidays than he would on his plane. And yet that has NEVER happened. What that says to me is that the 9/11 reactionaries think there’s a terrorist around every corner, when the fact is that it’s not even close. But because the bureaucrats and brainless reactionaries like you end up getting your way by panicking about “all them raghead turrurists”, everybody who needs to get on a plane has a choice – either walk through a machine that lets the TSA guy see you naked or opt out and get molested in front of everyone.

    Well f*ck that! That’s a violation of my RIGHTS and I don’t give a crap what you say. It’s not enough that I’m paying $400 a ticket; now I have to be treated like I’m a criminal? Hell no! I’m a customer and the airlines and airports work for ME! The TSA has never caught a terrorist and probably never will.

    I’m driving this Thanksgiving and frankly I don’t know when I will fly again. I have no wish to go to an airport and be reminded how quickly America is turning into a police state.

  • atropos77

    I’m going to hope that you don’t already have a kid. If you don’t, please refrain from having one. The last thing the world needs is having ‘idiot genes’ passed on to generation after generation. I have a 3-year-old daughter and yeah, she cries a lot, for silly reasons sometimes. But if I had to stand there to watch some stranger groping her, the LEAST I would do is tape it. That woman is lucky the guy didn’t sucker punch her. These TSA goons think they can do whatever they want and I’ll applaud the day that sanity sets in and the whole agency is dissolved.

  • atropos77

    How’s that Kool-aid taste? If you think the TSA is protecting you, please try to wake up and have your first rational thought. The TSA has never caught a single terrorist at security. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.

    You know what is stopping terrorist attacks? Reinforced cockpit doors and the awareness of regular passengers. It is now impossible for terrorists to storm cockpits. And if a terrorist tried to pull sh*t on a plane now, they would get beaten to death by passengers or shot by air marshals. So explain to me why we need to grope a 3-year-old or have Granny walk through a backscatter machine. I’d love to hear it. Don’t talk about sh*t you don’t understand, you fascist moron.

  • atropos77

    I’ll assume you’re trolling. Because there are a lot of retards on this thread. And if you’re not trolling, you’re pretty much King of the retards. Congrats.

  • atropos77

    If a terrorist is going to blow something up, he’s going to blow something up. Seeing somebody grope a 3-year-old girl isn’t going to make a hardened terrorist sh*t his pants, you dumbass. A deterrant? Are you kidding me with that crap? You’re embarrassingly stupid.

  • http://ladyblu.posterous.com/distressed-toddler-gets-a-tsa-pat-down Distressed Toddler Gets a TSA Pat Down – ladyblu’s posterous

    [...] Mandy Simon, 3, was recently hand-searched at the airport because she cried when screeners took her teddy bear to run it through the x-ray machine.Source:http://rawjustice.com/2010/11/19/distressed-toddler-gets-a-tsa-pat-down/ [...]

  • Jaredswilliams

    I’d rather get my cock patted then blow up mid-air. Big fucking deal

  • parent

    This is disgusting. And we teach our children not to let strangers touch them like this. How the hell can we keep them safe when the government publicly demands to grope them?!? No one gropes a toddler for public safety. This is nothing more than a pervert getting paid.

  • unindicted co-conspirator

    We may be dickholes, but regardless of what you “want”, you don’t get it just because you want it.

    That’s why we’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

    You are about a hundred thousand times more likely to be killed by an automobile than you are by a terrorist. By your own logic, the driver’s exam should be fifty thousand times more difficult, because the average driver is clearly incompetent to pilot an automobile.

    You are about ten thousand times more likely to be killed by falling off a ladder than you are by a terrorist. Clearly we should limit ladders to licensed professionals, they’re just too dangerous for the public.

    You are fifty thousand times more likely to be murdered by an American citizen packing a gun than you are by a terrorist. Lock up all those guns, they’re *way* too dangerous.

    You are actually about 1 million times *more* likely to be killed by CANCER than by terrorists. So maybe we should take that 10 billion dollars a year we currently blow on the TSA and spend it on cancer research instead.

  • unindicted co-conspirator

    Yes, they will. They will pack bombs into Granny’s luggage, or Baby Huey’s diaper bag. In fact, similar incidents have been tried with this tactic (albeit just old-fashioned mass murder, not terrorism).

    You know why you haven’t heard about it before? Because terrorism, or death by bomb, is such a ridiculously low probability event that it basically *never* happens. You are wasting your time worrying about this. Worry about getting killed on the way to the airport by an idiot behind the wheel of a car: that’s so much more likely it doesn’t even compare.

    Just because something can conceivably be a threat does not mean that we all should freak out about it. And guess what? Even if you’re going to freak out about it, you don’t get to search me just because you’re scared of me. That’s what “illegal search and seizure” is supposed to be about.

  • Danvieu2010

    Its about illegal search and seizure. You want to give up your rights without a fight, go ahead that is clearly your choice but don’t critisize those who cherish theirs. There has been no bombs set off on a plane yet and this what if scenario stuff is just like cold war Mcarthist proganda. Give me liberty or give me death.

  • unindicted co-conspirator

    As opposed to the 2 ton bombs we call cars? Gee, you can kill a lot of people with a car.

    In fact, idiots driving cars kill ten thousand times more people in a single year than terrorists netted on their biggest single attack in the last 40.

    Clearly, we need more police to clear you before you can get behind the wheel of a car. We should have governors to prevent them from being driven by anyone who’s sleepy. Drivers’ licenses ought to be hugely more difficult to obtain.

    Because that would do *much* more to protect the USA and everyone that drives, walks, or bikes in it.

  • Luciferxf

    What would our forefathers do?
    Did they not fight?

    Quit the bitching and stand up today.

    We are the people. We are the power. Voting has done nothing. Neither did it for the slaves.

    I say we all grow some balls and stand up for our rights.

    We are in a war already which was started for pointless reasons.

    Now I ask all Americans and the like to stand up. Go use your second amendment right before that is taken away too.

    Stand up today and say “We will not take this anymore. We will fight and die for our freedom like our forefathers believed in.”

    You do not get your freedom from sitting on your ass. Look at china now. If they all stood up they would not be in a semi slave state.

    I am ready to die for my rights. Are you?

  • Luciferxf

    what about people with club foot? what about the woman they made take out her prosthetic? what about the feeling they are allowed to feel you up?

    what if you have bad foot odor and you felt like saving face?

    see people have issues beside just the “normal sheeple”.

    yes this is an invasion of privacy.

    it is not like these pat downs have prevented anything have they?

  • Luciferxf

    hi lou the spammer.

  • Luciferxf

    you use the word “traumatized”. that means she will remember it. it may also cause other mental problems down the road. i will admit she was a brat. but if this was the first time she has had anything taken away like that. then that could cause her some serious problems.

    “the govt came and took my baby”

    that sound familiar?

    doll = child’s baby. now you go and try to take away someones real child and see what happens.

    you are the one who needs to grow up. my guess is you are the ultimate of the term sheeple.

  • Luciferxf

    dont forget about the tampon bombs.

  • Luciferxf


    i am no reporter but i carry a readied camera everywhere i go. it is called a cellphone.

  • Luciferxf

    then the terrorists win

  • Luciferxf

    maybe if this actually worked then it would not be such an issue. show me one person caught with any of the TSA methods.

    they have let more through then they have caught

  • Luciferxf

    Terrorists win.

    any type of explosive on that child would have damaged the child only. there was not enough room to do anything.

    why dont you watch mythbusters and look for the plain episode. there is one where to make any difference in the pressure of the cockpit would take multiple pounds of C4.

    i figure mythbusters may be more your speed. tv baby its all america is.

  • Luciferxf

    and aparently a bit racist.

    this has nothing to do with race. it has all to do with a child. any child.

  • Luciferxf

    apparently your child has issues. my child does not scream randomly. she will scream if she is in pain and that is it. she does not pull anything like all these other children i see.

    my trick. no excess sugar, no tv, reading to her every night, no candy, no flouride, interactions with the public every chance we get, taking her to parks, no processed foods, homeschooling and much more.

    plus i do this on a budget of $120/mo

    but yup thats right children are suppose to scream for no reason. they are suppose to annoy everyone else in the world. that is right they

  • Government Man

    What kind of a man knowingly surrenders his own daughter to one of us government workers to be molested, even to have her private parts fondled while she screams “Daddy Daddy, please help me!” Punch line: an American man.

    “For a sane person in a sane country, the following statement should be true ‘My freely chosen bedmates and doctors are the only ones allowed to see my naked body or touch my genitalia.’”
    Wrong. You people no longer have the right to such dignity and respect here in the USA. This woman might talk big and tough behind the internet, but I guarantee when we tell her to shut up and spread her legs, she’ll fall right in line with the rest of you good little Americans.

    From: http://youareproperty.blogspot.com/2010/11/tsa-to-america-shut-your-mouth-and.html

  • Barg_arg

    It’s horrible, i cant believe they are doing this

    watch free movies

  • http://twitter.com/Ant2206 Antony Wilson

    I’m a fan of security theater. The airline that decides people can fly with only a cursory check may as well call itself Target Airlines.

    You only need a very small amount of explosives to bring a plane down. The same amount of explosives would be damaging, but not as destructive in merely a crowded area. And while it may still stop travel, there will be a lower loss of life.

    Everyone says “the TSA give you two choices, get seen naked or get a pat-down”. Nope, they give you a third choice – don’t fly. It’s not your right to use their facilties and fly on privately owned aircraft. Their criteria for allowing you to do so is whatever they want.

  • http://twitter.com/Ant2206 Antony Wilson

    “Mandy was not in the mood”… too bad! I actually get the feeling that there was a bit of coaching going on there.

  • Terry94131

    Wow, the TSA has contracted with NAMBLA !!

  • Off topic

    Off topic— only American prudes are so insecure as to fear their bodies enough that only three or four people see one without clothes on in his or her entire lifetime (probably two of those people being his or her parents)

  • Anon.

    Some of you guys make me sick. I know how terrible this looks: but twenty years ago parents could beat their kids in the street for lipping off. Oooooh look at the new bad guy: T.S.A is a bunch of child molesters – Shut the fuck up. Did you know in Iraq, people use corpses as bombs? Did you know that that teddy bear you are so adamantly defending COULD have a bomb? (I’m sure since you are so up on tech you knew that something the size of my thumb could rip an airplane in half) I realize the incredulity of the situation. I know how bad this has to look to anyone NOT working to keep the skies safe, but seriously, get this straight: If (and i can hear your outrage at this) that child or their parent, as 3 year olds rarely mastermind bombings, DID blow up: you all would be the same fucking ‘why didn’t they / they should have / how horrible / BULLSHIT’. Fuck you guys. We live in a world where everyone NEEDS to be 100 percent safe -including you. You built the society we live in now, and you revel in the stupidity of it at the same time. Congratulations.

  • anon.

    how about you measure how many of these ‘terrosits’ who have averted their plans because of fear they would be thwarted before they could get into a plane? Your argument is moot.

  • Disgusted

    I sent the following to my senators and house rep. If everyone reading this would do the same, maybe someone would start to listen:
    Please tell me how Congress allows the abuse that is going on by the TSA to continue. Has anyone in congress actually read the 4th amendment of the constitution? Do you have children? I am a mother and a grandmother and this sickens me. To think that we’ve given up so much of our freedom due to fear that we would allow a 3-year old child to be assaulted, all because she was upset at having to put her teddy bear thru the scanner – real threat there – great use of common sense. I believe this TSA agent should be arrested – if I was this parent I would be filing a personal lawsuit against this agent and the TSA agency – there is nothing in our legal system or constitution that allows this woman to do this to a child. What if this was your child or grandchild? How many children, past abuse victims, elderly women, etc., have to be put thru a traumatic experience before we say enough is enough. Would you want your teenage child to be touched in this manner? Wake up and do something about the abuse the TSA agency is allowed to do in the name of safety. This isn’t safety – this, along with taking naked pictures of people, is abuse, pure and simple. What happened to the land of the free and home of the brave?

  • Vince

    I don’t know… for as much as I’d like to be outraged at the TSA, I don’t see a real problem here with anything the TSA employee is doing. What I see is evidence of irresponsible parents who appear to be exploiting the situation and taking advantage of their child’s anxiety to express their discontent with the system. Children sometimes get obnoxious and maybe this was the case, but there doesn’t appear to be any indication that the parents are trying to take control of their child or the situation either. Instead, they saw fit to record the incident on video and monologue.

  • Hmmm…

    I love how making a valid point can be construed as being racist.

  • Bucket46

    Why would TSA be responsiable for this girls outburst? How does TSA know that you didn’t put explosives on the child and then told her to cry when you are going through security?

  • Dido

    you do know that no speed limit has ever saved a life.
    this procedure isn’t about finding bombs – its about discouraging them all together.

    The question isn’t why aren’t we seeing reports about stopped attempted terrorists.

    The question is why aren’t we seeing reports about planes blowing up.

    Its simple, because they aren’t.

  • Danvieu is awesome

    the fourth amendment doesn’t apply here.

    Newsflash – You submit to the search and seizure. If you don’t – you don’t fly. They aren’t randomly walking up to you on the street.

    Stop whinning.

  • up1

    your an idiot. Did you ever hear of PETN or semtex. You swear C4 is the only explosives out there. You should read the story of the underwear bomber from last year.

  • Deke

    Maybe this is a result of what is so common these days, a typical ill behaved spoiled child incapable of communicating or socializing with anyone thanks to parents who know no boundaries or the meaning of discipline let alone “No.” Sorry, but I see far too many brats to take much from this. Big deal.

  • Sara

    This is ridiculous. Even before 9/11, and while I was still a child, I was subject to handheld metal detectors and patdowns before boarding international flights. (My father was in the military.) It is the parent’s responsibilty, not the TSA worker’s, to soothe the child and let her know what is happening and why its important. If anyone, even a child, throws such a tantrum that they cannot be searched, they should not be able to board a flight. Period. Follow the rules of the airport, or take the train. Your choice.

  • atropos7 for prez

    I didn’t read your post atropos – because in your picture you are a douchebag and a quick skim told me enough. So here it is:

    You do know that no speed limit has ever saved a life. this procedure isn’t about finding bombs – its about discouraging them all together. The question isn’t why aren’t we seeing reports about stopped attempted terrorists. The question is why aren’t we seeing reports about planes blowing up.

    Its simple, because they aren’t.

    My concern a (as your should be) is not the plane itself or the 100 people on it. These are 50 ton bombs flying over us. 30,000 a day. So a guy blowing up something at the checkpoint is unfortunate and will take out some people. But a plane crashing into happyvalley on a football Saturday would kill 100,000. Big difference.

    As for your rights, you submit to the search and seizure in this case. If you don’t – you don’t fly. The fourth amendment is alive and strong.

  • atropos77 for prez

    Atropos77 Please tell me that instead of that instead you just cave and let your kid climb into momma and papas bed. And therefore you never you don’t take your kid to bed kicking and screaming once in while. Because that is sure what it sounds like. And let me tell you that makes you a really good parent. (wink wink)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B3MM5KL7EA3HFHBR7O42GOC65Q Sean W

    actually i do know quite a bit about them. the difference is most of these explosives are not military grade. they are homemade.

    semtex is quite a pain in the ass to make petn is not easy to get your hand on the components.

    said underwear bomber only burnt himself…

  • atropos77 for prez

    Newsflash – not a single plane has been taken down since the put this provisions in place. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.

    really cool avatar. You look like one mean douche.

  • Thei

    except that it was a reporters kid.

  • atropos77 for prez

    you are embarrassingly douchie

  • Atropos77 for prez


  • Atropos77 for prez

    yeah but, I don’t want someone to see my small penis or feel my fat rolls. That is where I draw the line on everyone elses safety. I would rather die than have someone feel my cellulite.

  • the awesome

    show a plane that has blown up since these provisions have been in place.

    Or jsut blow one up yourself if you really are lucifer.

  • you

    show a plane that has blown up since these provisions have been in place.

    Or jsut blow one up yourself if you really are lucifer.

  • MrElbow

    israelis = 50 daily flights total.
    US = 30,000.

    The logistics are not quite the same.

  • rusty

    the underwear bomber that unsuccessfully trigger his explosives had something new. It was small and would blow something substantial. Fortunately it is also very finicky and he didn’t trigger it correctly.

    Bomb technology changes. So too does the screening technology. Otherwise why even have it.

    But you’re mythbusters is probably your best bet.

  • atropos77 for prez

    I like you atropos77 because all you do is troll from one comment to the next and make irrelavent points and call people names.

    You’re parents must be proud. Congrats.

  • Lucifer is awesome

    Lucifer is a really good parent….. who beats his kids with fire and brimstone so she is seen and not heard.

    I like your style

  • What

    so you are saying it “*never* happens.”

    I wonder why it “*never* happens.”

    Crime is low here in metropolis – we clearly don’t need the police anymore.

  • Atropos77

    I like myself – a-lot – that is why I post thing like this.

    Just look at my profile picture – it is awesome. And my name… don’t even get me started how great my name is. A is for Alex or A-hole, I don’t quite remember. And the “tropos” is just awesome and then I just added on the year of my birth to the end.

  • Atropos77 for prez

    we are now stupider for hearing you say that terrorists who kill thousands of innocent people for their religion and believe they are going to recieve 72 virgins as their reward in the next life – wouldn’t consider it if they knew it would get the stuff by.

    Please enlighten us about where terrorist draw their line.

  • Atropos77 for prez

    here here.

  • Atropos77 for prez

    a reporters kid who set off the detector.


  • Atropos77 for prez

    this is insane guys, my pig was just crying, and I am pretty sure the TSA agents caused it.

  • Fireinthehole279

    lucifer I like where your coming from, would you like to chat about this?

  • http://godzgiftz.wordpress.com/2010/11/21/distressed-toddler-gets-a-tsa-pat-down/ Distressed Toddler Gets a TSA Pat Down « Godzgiftz's Blog

    [...] Source:http://rawjustice.com/2010/11/19/distressed-toddler-gets-a-tsa-pat-down/ from → Offbeat ← Google Docs mobile editing now available for Android, iPhone, and iPad LikeBe the first to like this post. No comments yet Click here to cancel reply. [...]

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_33QLGO557XEQXGVOTCA2DWMERM Firstname Lastname

    It’s obvious why the (TSA)Touching Somebody’s Ass gets away with all of this intrusive molestation.
    You can read the posts by the paranoid sheeple who knuckle under to the govt and fear terrorists EVERYWHERRRRRRE.
    Just read their ignorant comments here about “baby bombs” and being safe from “the terrorists”.
    OMG, they’re everwhere!!

    Total BS. The term “security theater” is correct. It is all a show and the molestation is exacerbated by the sheeple posting here.
    It is time that we REAL Americans stood up to those who would sucker the sheeple and ignore the 4th Amend.
    If you aren’t one of my GFs or my doctor, touch me where I don’t want to be touched and YOU’RE GOING DWON.

  • Let the adults talk

    call me when they start cavity searches – until then it is a small price to pay.

  • Let the adults talk

    You crash a car into a packed stadium and expect to kill 100,000. let’s do it you kill 100,000 people with one car and I will be impressed – until then, the comparison doesn’t match.

  • Gogo

    but if you were a reporter – you would surely use your kid as a pawn like this one did. Maybe you should read that part before you make dumb comments like this. It was staged for personal gain of the parent.

    They already have been awarded parent of the year.

  • Gogo

    your argument is “a deterrent? Are you kidding me with that crap? you’re embarrassingly stupid.” !!!????

    That isn’t a cogent argument anywhere except Fox news?

    Nice debating with you – now run along and play with you avatar some more so you get it just right.

  • Let the adults talk, DS

    All I here from you is “wahhh wahhhh don’t touch me – I don’t want you to know that I have a small penis.”

    small price to pay dude – small price to pay.

    But keep moaning about it, because that is constructive. Kudos. No one likes alternate solutions anyways.

  • Thisandthat

    Boy that just sounds like:

    “I dare you to prove a negative!”

  • Thisandthat

    You are about a hundred thousand times more likely to be killed by….(fill in the blank) than by an airplane…(fill in the blank).

    You are right. The TSA is doing a good job of keeping us (those who fly and those who live under flying planes – or more simply all of us) safe.

    Good point unindicted co-conspirator.


  • Thisandthat

    kids still cry over lesser things. If you really are a parent – you clearly only have one – and yours is a pill because you won’t let them cry about anything. Instead you give them everything they want right when they want it. Kudos. You are a coward to your kid.

    Kids cry. Parents soothe. It would all be forgotten as soon as dad gives the kids some fruitsnacks – if the dad hadn’t posted it on the internet for the kid to be embarrassed about in a few years when his classmates find it.

    Parent of the year for sure.

  • Thisandthat

    here here. too many brats. too many parents who cater to it. the kid will be fine. the dad who posted this junk for the world to see should be ashamed.

  • Thisandthat

    terry i touched your mom like that a few years ago.

    How old are you?

    Daddy wants you to grow a pair.

  • Thisandthat

    so you want me to prove a negative? you do know they aren’t trying stuff because the security check is in place – right?

    How bout this – show me one life that the speed limit has saved and I will oblige your request.

  • Thisandthat


  • Thisandthat

    so because the underwear bomber failed to trigger correctly – it is all good. Because if he had – he would have blown a hole in the side fuselage.

    But who cares about that. I just like to reference mythbusters as the preeminent source.

  • Thisandthat

    lucifer if your kid never has had one, Let me be the first to introduce you to something the rest of us call a “temper tantrum.” See it has a name and a common definition because well it is commonknowledge.

    I would suggest that if your child has never had one – something is wrong with either him or you. Or both.

  • Architeuthis1066

    I’ve NEVER been on an airplane, and I’m 40 years old. I’ve told every employer that I’ve had (and I’ve been continuosly-employed via four separate places for the past twenty years) that I will NEVER fly.

    Modern telecommunication (man, does anyone even USE that term any more???) negates the necessity for probably 90% of flights.

  • http://rawjustice.com/2010/11/22/10-of-the-most-outrageous-tsa-horror-stories/ 10 of the Most Outrageous TSA Horror Stories | Raw Justice

    [...] Chattanooga, Tennessee, when he, a television reporter, found himself in a situation that demanded the use of his camera phone. His 3-year-old daughter, Mandy, began crying when they had to put her teddy bear through the X-ray [...]

  • Anonymous

    You missed the point: those stats are pre-9/11 screening techniques.

    Which means all this crap TSA is doing is a *minuscule* improvement in safety at the cost of dignity, time, and our individual liberty.

    In other words, Bin Laden won.

  • Thisandthat


    technology of bombs changes – thus technology of screening changes. If it doesn’t – that is when bin laden wins.

  • Aprils4131

    Taking into consideration that it is extremely important; that the TSA do their job correctly and to protect our safety in the skies – I think the upset toddler, was extremely upseting to watch and see this child under duress and I do believe this will scar her and frightened her to the point; that it will leave a “LASTING” impression on this child.

    I understand the pat downs, but not to these little children in the manor it was done. I think the imaging machines are necessary; but I truly believe; that cancer surviving patients, pilots and children should not be handled as they have been this recent past week.

    Here are my suggestions for security:

    1. No one enters airports for departing other than the traveler at which time they get their tickets, get scanned and a less invasive pat down. At the time they enter the airport building they must produce their ID’s and ticket information to match. Friends/family etc. cannot enter building. In other words stop mixed traffic in airports of unidentified people.

    2. All luggage being put in cargo, thoroughly checked by sniffing dogs and scanned.

    3. All employees working in cargo or cleaning on planes MUST HAVE FBI clerarances and be paid adequately.

    4. No access to planes on tarmac other than cargo personnel and other’s fueling and inspecting – hired MARSHALLS at outside depots of the planes. And security cards and special notable clothing for identity.

    5. All AIRLINER MECHANICS, must have high security clearances to work on planes and extensive background checks.

    I feel the following steps will reduce unknown human traffic inside airports, no access to areas of planes on the ground and providing the highest security for our Americans.

    6. Profiling is necessary, we had to do it in World War II.

    I have a problem with the people that wear “turbans” not wanting to take off their head gear….I disgree with TSA or others allowing them to get away with that; when TSA is allowing invasive pat downs and other stuff and causing great stress on our children and sick adults.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA – EXCELLENT!!! You fail to distinguish between forced nudity and submission to fondling under duress from consensual nudity and consensual intimate contact, and you ignore the fact that we subject children to such without consent!!!!

    Your attitude makes it so much easier to manipulate you people.

    You had better start explaining to your children that we government employees are allowed to touch their private parts whenever we want; it will make the whole thing a lot less dramatic.


  • http://flash-news.net/das-netz/kontrollen-an-us-flughafen-wut-macht-erfinderisch/ Kontrollen an US-Flughäfen: Wut macht erfinderisch | Flash News

    [...] Vater filmte mit seiner Handykamera, wie seine dreijährige Tochter sich verzweifelt gegen die Untersuchung zu wehren versucht und dabei “Fass mich nicht an!” kreischt. In einem anderen Clip ist zu sehen, wie ein [...]

  • Sheryn_de

    what a shame….

  • Sheryn_de

    what a shame….

  • Doesntmatter

    I have myself two kids and I can’t believe what I see here in this video. I am sure that this people will not have touched my kids!!!!

  • Alex

    I don’t know what everyones problem is. Do you want to be secure on a flight? I do!!! If you can’t train your little brat do just stand still for 30 seconds drive a car.Or just go through that body scanner and be done with it. And don’t give me that bul@#%! about radiation,Honestly!! I do think that there are encounters that are out of line, like breaking a urin bag and don’t even apologize, taking out piercings… That shouldn’t be happening and there should be consequences for this.

  • German

    I’m German and the last time I went to USA was in 1987.
    I promise: that was the last time I went there.

  • John from LI NY

    Maybe if the public started using trains instead of flying the airlines would put pressure on the TSA to re-think some of their policies. They need to be focusing on the groups who are trying to bring down the planes, not 3 year olds and the elderly. This video just demonstrates the a waste of resources.

  • Kirbykia

    I wish i had not scrolled down to the comments.

    I now feel dumber having read some of them.

    You fools that belive this is making you safe or stoping the “terrroists” really need some education.

    “Terrorism is the systematic use of terror (Fear) especially as a means of coercion.”

    Terrorist will hi-jack planes and blow up your kids unless we do x.

    Do you see the Terrorist demanding anything ???

    Or saying unless you do X we will blow up more planes……… I sure don’t :)

    Wake up smell the roses. The terrorist are dressed nice and appear on TV… They are called politicians! :)

    Now even if you disagree with me you have to agree with the last sentence :P

  • Bell110

    Because they haven’t tried. People act like before 9/11, terrorists were hijacking planes daily. These pat downs are not discouraging terrorist. It’s actually discouraging American air traveler. To be honest, the terrorist are probably laughing at us.

  • Bell110

    We don’t see reports about planes blowing up for the same reason we didn’t see many reports about planes blowing up before 9/11, because they don’t do this often. These searches aren’t doing anything.

    “But a plane crashing into happyvalley on a football Saturday would kill 100,000. Big difference.” Hyperbole much? Even on our worst day of terrorism, the death toll barely reached 3,000, and that’s only because they purposefully crashed into the largest buildings in the US. Honestly, the only people in danger of being killed by a plane blowing up is the people on the plane themselves.

  • Bell110

    They aren’t randomly walking up to you on the street… yet.

  • Bell110

    No, they are not keeping us safe. They are not doing anything, really.

  • Bell110

    It’s ironic than that these new screening changes had nothing to do with the “technology” of bombs changing.

  • Bell110

    Sounds like you’re the one being a sissy. “Oh no, the big bad terrorists are going to put bombs in 3 year old’s pants, have all the 3 year olds pat down.” Seriously, grow a pair and stop being afraid of your own shadow. This in no way keeps us safer.

  • Bell110

    It never happens because it’s a ridiculous idea and no one has ever tried it. I mean, seriously, how is a terrorist going to sneak a bomb in a little girls pants without her or her parents knowing it. Correlation does not imply causation. Just because we’ve never found a bomb in a 3 year old’s pants doesn’t mean it’s because the TSA is discouraging the terrorist from doing so.

  • Bell110

    Give it a few years. And when it does happen, I’m sure many people will consider cavity searches a small price to pay for their “safety”. After all, it you don’t want your cavity searched, don’t fly.

  • Bell110

    That’s the problem. These “baby bombs” have NEVER gotten by, even before these scanners and pat downs, and even before 9/11, because it’s such a stupid idea and would never work. But please, keep yourself under the thumb of terror, I’m sure that will teach the terrorist a lesson.

  • Bell110

    I really hope that was sarcasm. You really think the reporter staged this?

  • Bell110

    What the hell? Why do people seriously think this was staged? Where do they get this idea. The parent was capturing the ridiculousness of the TSA’s screening process on camera. That’s what most decent people would do, reporter or not.

  • Bell110

    It’s sad that you are a teacher. Of course she’s the victim. Did you not hear her crying not to be touched. Maybe being pat down is not a big deal to you, it obviously was for her and her parents. There is really no need for any of this TSA BS.

  • Bell110

    Right, because planes were blowing up every day, falling on people’s houses, before the TSA was created. The TSA doesn’t protect us from anything, and yes, I don’t want their type of “protection” anymore. Seriously, if we want to cut spending, lets start with getting rid of the TSA.

  • Bell110

    Correlation does not imply causation.

  • Bell110

    If a single plane crashes into a packed stadium and kills 100,000 people, I would be just as impressed. That is such an unrealistic number that you just pulled out of your butt to overstate the actual threat of terrorism.

  • Bell110

    Well, tell the TSA they have no right to touch your wife like that.

  • Bell110

    And I’m sure you’d be perfectly ok with the waiter patting your daughter down before you got to order, right?

  • Bell110

    The parent posted this on the internet to show how ridiculous the TSA screenings are, as would most decent American citizens.

  • Bell110

    I belive his arguement was that a terrorist isn’t scared of a 3 year old being pat down and if they really wanted to blow something up, this isn’t going to deter them.

  • Bell110

    Exactly. Terrorists don’t have to do anything anymore. Americans are literally scaring themselves stupid. If the terrorist’s main objective on 9/11 was to disrupt our way of living, we are certainly letting them reach that goal.

  • Bell110

    I agree. I think everybody should stop flying. That way, ticket prices will rise to thousand of dollars per ticket in order for airlines to stay in business, and it will directly effect the pockets of the people who don’t mind these screening techniques.

  • Bell110

    Personally, I’d rather not use the scanner than be “secure” on a flight. The fact is, there is no real security on a flight, so since these scanners don’t make me any more secure, I’d rather opt out of them.

  • Bell110

    Why do you think these scanners are necessary? No terrorist plot would have been caught if these scanners were in place sooner, so what makes anyone think these scanners will catch anything now? They are pointless. It’s like saying everybody has to have their head shaved before boarding a flight. It would have had no effect on past terrorist plots and only serves to unnecessarily piss people off.

  • Bell110

    The kid was communicated very well. Did you not hear her yelling “Don’t Touch Me”? I think was very apparent what she was trying to communicate. And she wasn’t ill behaved or spoiled. In fact, she has more sense than a lot of the people posting in these comments. She realized that the touching was unneccessary and an envasion of her privacy, yet she was forced to take part in it, and she protested as appropiately as a 3 year old can. If only more adults would protest the TSA. I think the parents boundaries are very apparent. They don’t like the idea of a stranger touching their daughter unneccessarily, as most responsible parents should. Unfortunately, the parent *has* to let them do it to board their plane. So if the parent has no choice than let them do it, it’s the least he can do to show the world how ridiculous the TSA’s screenings are.

  • Bell110

    I don’t get it. At first you sound like you are defending the TSA and it’s procedures. Then you seem to point out the stupidity of the idea that we can be 100 safe and that we built our society to reach that unattainable goal.

  • Bell110

    You seem to love thinking about penises. And yes, I could not give two shits about your safety. My privacy comes first.

  • Bell110

    Wrong, they have tried and have gotten through even with the security checks. The only reason they were stopped was because of the passengers on the plane. So lets see, that’s at least 2 that I can think of off the top of my head that have gotten through, and 0 that have been caught before they got on.

  • Bell110

    Correlation does not imply causation.

  • Bell110

    And how exactly would a terrorist plant a bomb on a child without the child or parent knowing? The reason terrorist haven’t planted a bomb on a child is because it’s a ridiculous idea.

  • Bell110

    The explosives the underwear bomber had also would not have be detected by the body scanners. So the new screening technology doesn’t even successfully screen the new bomb technology.

  • Bell110

    The problem is that we let them get away with it. They know that no matter how much they anger the public, we’ll keep on flying

  • Bell110

    Hey, if you don’t want to wait longer, don’t fly. Stop being so selfish.

  • I Love Ignorance

    You surrender your rights when you choose to fly. Just as in a school you surrender some rights in order to be in that facility and use its resources.

    It is not illegal search and seizure when TSA pats you down or screens you. If you don’t like it you don’t have to fly. They are a business and they don’t have to allow you the usage of their planes. They are free to search you in order to protect their business. However they want to do that is up to you.

    If you want to bitch and moan that is too bad. Because when it comes down to it. You can go buy your own damn plane if you don’t want to be searched.


    Good fight all you ignorant sons of bitches. You really should read the constitution. There is a really nice part about Search and Seizure that you should look up.

  • brad

    spoiled brat

  • Sidewinder

    And if you think feeling up a 3-yr old child is okay, your unAmerican brain is probably fried. Or you are a pedophile. Let’s remember who the enemy is here. Like everything else, it only takes a few to ruin things for the many because evidently in America now, you are guilty until proven innocent. I expect you enjoy the attention & crotch-grabbing. Either that, or you’ve forgotten (probably were never taught) that one reason this country has always been considered different is that we offer people freedom vs. dictatorship (so far). As quickly as those freedoms are being eroded, pretty soon we’ll be like every other country minus a very very few. You brainwashed little shits haven’t got a clue. I wish you all would go to a country that has no freedom, just so you can understand what it is that you are losing, little by little. That’s assuming you are an adult with a working brain, and not a six yr. old as it would seem. If you don’t know the way it used to be, you couldn’t possibly know why it matters so much.

  • Kamayaeverson

    I believe that everyone should be checked. You can never be too safe. There should be a better way of searching children, so that the parent and child doen’t feel violated. But everyone should be searched. Kids are being used to carry different items because they dont check kids at all airports. This might take a little more time, but it could save alot of lives. Happy and safe traveling!

  • http://www.xanapus.com/blog/2010/11/07/tsa-pat-downs-are-too-distressing/ TSA Pat Downs are Too Distressing | Xanapus` Lair

    [...] Distressed Toddler Gets a TSA Pat Down — Source Raw Justice [...]

  • http://thehathorlegacy.com/links-of-great-interest-112610/ Links of Great Interest: Slightly shorter than normal, peeps! : The Hathor Legacy

    [...] TSA has gone batshit and is now taking teddy bears away from kids, and prosthetics away from cancer [...]

  • Someone who needs answers

    Okay…. Umm.. question for you. If they’re scanning for bombs, why then can an aquiantence of mine able to carry a grenade successfully through security, and my husband forgetting he had live ammo in his carry-on bag successfully goes through security, but when I travel with baby formula, baby tylenol, orajel, and baby buttpaste, I get stopped and searched? True story. Nearly every time I fly out of a small airport I get stopped, searched and if I’m carrying my daughter I have to have her subject to a patdown their reason being (You know, some terrorists have used children) Okay. I’m a terrorist by being a good parent and bringing things that are allowed by TSA? Weird? But my husband can be right next to me have ammo in his bag and not get stopped?

  • Tory

    just a thought, if you’re gonna say “security theater”, can you at least quote it instead of passing that thought off as your own?!

  • Tory

    Bravo!!! My sentiments exactly! Not to mention that if both parents were there then they both could have helped to calm her down. More so the dad that she was crying for. If you are a parent and choose to fly, you already know what to expect so wouldn’t it be logical to educate your children so they can understand what to expect and the purpose of such an uncomfortable situation? Don’t pawn your kids off for a news story! She was absolutely terrified and her dad just stood there and made his comments while he continued recording. The agent should have asked them to stand aside until the child clamed down and then given her a chance to walk through calmly again. If I behaved like that in public regardless of how scared I was I would have been taken aside (to the bathroom or back to the car) until I calmed down. As a parent, they were the ones who chose to subject her to that and they willining made that decision. The agent was just doing what the parents opted to.

  • Debs_biz

    Maybe instead of whining about the agent simply doing her job these lame parents should stfu and control their screaming brat child? This society is stupid anymore. Do we want to be safe or not???

  • http://pecangroup.org/archives/3987 The 12 Scariest TSA Stories of All Time – PECAN Group | PECAN Group

    [...] Taking a teddy bear away from a three-year-old girl [...]

  • http://www.marijuana.com/politics/179874-12-scariest-tsa-stories-all-time.html#post1495431 The 12 Scariest TSA Stories of All Time – Marijuana.com

    [...] [...]

  • http://www.folkets.info/2011/flyplassikkerhet-uten-begrensninger/ Flyplassikkerhet uten begrensninger? | Folkets Info
  • David_natzke

    This is only in response to your reply to his #3. there is a major difference between parents washing their children’s butts and a perfect stranger touching them with the purpose of getting a good feel to make sure there’s not a bomb or weapon hidden there. firstly, because parents are just that, parents. They’re expected to clean their children’s dirty behinds. They are also expected to teach their children that if anyone else touches their butt or other private areas to scream, or find another adult and tell them or do something like that so that their child doesn’t become a victim of molestation. So when a TSA agent gropes around a child’s posterior, we should expect them to scream out. we also should expect our government employees to show a little common sense and realize that touching a child like that could really have an emotional side effect down the road.

    Secondly, when you were little did you ever let anyone other than your parents touch your butt? And even then, were you uncomfortable when they did?

  • David_natzke

    yes, but letting everyone carry on a gun would be a huge deterrent too. and not like any kind of gun, but you know, a side arm. I don’t think any sane person would try to hijack or blow up a plane if they knew that almost everyone was packin’ heat. A Tazer might actually be the best solution cause then you could catch the terrorist and question him. It’s all in the approach and TSA is going down hill really fast. I think screenings are a good thing but there also have to be boundries, like only suspicious people should be x-rayed instead of everyone.

  • Mo976

    The TSA is a joke the methods are reactive not proactive, and there is a sense of exaggerated response each time the terrorists find a new way to attack. Point and case in Israel you neither have to remove your shoes nor toss your drinks and there are no limits to carry on liquids. And this has always been the policy. There is a security checkpoint before you enter the airport area. Everyone’s bags go for screening before they check in, the security personal walk through the line of waiting passangers checking passports and asking the standard set of questions and horrors of horrors they do use racial profiling, it may not be pretty or PC but its efficient and generally less invasive to the average tourist or citizen.

  • http://www.carrentals.co.uk/blog/lies-we-tell-kids.html The Top 10 Lies We Tell Our Kids | Carrentals Blog

    [...] Source [...]

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