Surprise: O.J.’s Former Lawyer Says He Really Is Innocent

by admin on January 13, 2011

Most people familiar with the facts of the 1995 double murder trial of O.J. Simpson believe he got away with the brutal murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. However, F. Lee Bailey, one of O.J. Simpson’s former defense lawyers, says he has a document that proves Simpson was not the killer.

Why now? O.J. was acquitted of the murders in 1995 and is now in jail for another crime he most certainly committed. Well, Bailey wrote the 20,000-word document in 2007 as a pitch for a book. Ahh, now it starts to make a little sense.

Bailey claims that now is the time for the “real” facts of the case to be known. In the paper, he says there were four witnesses who the defense could have called to testify – but didn’t. These four would have proved O.J. was innocent. Un-huh. Okay.

These four witnesses were a forensic scientist, a blood expert, an expert on battered women and a man who says he probably saw the “real” killers. Bailey says in his paper that the defense chose not to call these witnesses because the trial had already gone on for eight months and they feared a mistrial if it dragged on any longer.

Bailey goes on to say that there are the plentiful “rednecks of America” whose “minds could not be changed with a sledgehammer” and the trial damaged his reputation among these people.

Bailey has published his paper on his website and it also appeared in the Portland Press Herald newspaper. He says he’s looking to clear Simpson’s name in the court of public opinion.

Notably, the evidence and witnesses Bailey claims would clear Simpson’s name were never mentioned in the wrongful death civil trial, where O.J. was found liable for the deaths and ordered to pay a $33.5 million judgment.

Also notable, Bailey says he isn’t shopping for a book deal, but “wouldn’t turn down the right offer.” He was disbarred in Florida in 2001 for mishandling $6 million in stock for a client and disbarred in Massachusetts in 2003.

  • ronny albright

    this guy sounds honest.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, yeah I’ll just take his word for it, NOT

  • F4309278

    I think Simpson’s manuscript shouldn’t have been called “If I Did It” but rather “How I Did It.”

  • Lee

    What about the Bruno Magli shoe prints in OJs size found in the blood at the crime scene? What about the picture that later surfaced showing him wearing those shoes. Oh yeah, the defense said the photos were fake until a newspaper surfaced with OJ wearing the shoes to a football game. The defense in the civil case unsucessfully tried to keep the photos out of the civil case.

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  • Wilson Davalos

    What’s up with this lawyer. Why now?

  • Remi Online

    after all this years, since 95..but man this bastard has a creepy look in that picture!

  • Anonymous

    In the Fall of 2004 – almost exactly 10 years ago – my Paramedic partner & I transported Johnny Cochran from a Palm Springs-area hospital to another hospital in Los Angeles. I spent 2 hours with him in the back of the ambulance, and we talked about various things. I suspected he had grown pretty weary of constantly being asked about the biggest case in his career. But once we settled into a quiet chat, I asked him if there was anything at all that – looking back – bothered him about O.J. Simpson. And here is exactly what he said:

    “O.J. had an incredible memory. Truly amazing. He could remember conversations, word for word, that he’d had a decade before. He could remember entire series of plays his team had run during his Buffalo Bills days.

    “But he could never quite remember how he cut his hand on the night of the murders.”

    He looked up at me and smiled weakly. He knew damned well Simpson got away with murder, and so did all the rest of “The Dream Team” – including Bailey the drunk.

    Funny. When people know they are dying . . . keeping up the fakery just doesn’t seem so important anymore.

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