Cop Caught Stealing Seized Pot

by admin on January 20, 2011

It’s just a little pinch, nobody will notice — right? Ricardo Flores was wrong about that.

After the police department seized some marijuana plants from a house in Winter Haven, Florida, Flores was helping unload the haul from a truck. That’s when he got the bright idea to pinch and pocket a bud from one of the plants.

Another officer saw him take the bud and ratted him out. Flores was forced to give the bud back and was arrested and charged with petit theft, possession of marijuana and burglary of a conveyance. Oh, and he was also suspended from his job, pending an internal investigation.

Hardly worth all this, considering he could have just bought a bud on the street for less than $10.

  • Anal Linguist

    Petit theft huh? Are they charging him in France?

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  • Anonymous

    LOL, since when do cops rat on fellow cops? Thats very unusual.

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  • Zooks

    just legalize weed already

  • Slaphappy

    Whoever wrote this should take an intro journalism course. Almost immediately after the break I could tell that no proof-reading, let alone thought, was put into this article. BUT HAY AT LEAST YUR ON DIGG!

  • Government Man

    It’s not really stealing if it is done by a government employee. We are entitled to a % of your property, income, etc. Stealing from you is just an informal way of collecting taxes.

  • Cannabis Seeds

    This is hardly news worthy.. How crazy that someone can be stripped of the job just for taking some weed… Its a misdemeanour and nothing more. 

  • Violinistjenni179

    Was this in Florida plz tell me who the singer who got caught was

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  • Natural Life Energy – Aqiyl

    And you know he wasn’t stealing it for its medicinal properties.

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