Fountain-Falling Texter Also an Alleged Thief

by admin on January 21, 2011

Cathy Cruz Marrero unwittingly became an Internet sensation this month when she fell into a fountain at the mall while texting. After appearing on Good Morning America, where she insinuated she may sue the mall, she went to court for a status hearing on five felony charges against her.

In 2009, Marrero was arrested for allegedly making more than $5,000 in purchases on a coworker’s credit card. She was charged with five felony counts, including identity theft, receiving stolen property and theft by deception.

She allegedly made the purchases at a Target store and a Zales jewelry store. In previous hearings $1,055 of the purchases were dismissed from the case. She is expected to be sentenced for the theft in April and will likely face six months of house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Marrero has a rap sheet that includes a hit-and-run, four retail theft crimes and another theft.

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  • Dyrtballz

    Despite the theft, can you really sue somebody for your own stupidity? You’re walking along..durr deee duuurrrr…”not paying attention”..fall…hurt yourself…THHEEEEN sue the other? BOOWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Save the oxygen, shoot the bitch!

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