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Drunk Russian Cop Crashes, Ambulance Kills One of the Victims

by admin October 22, 2010

A police officer who was driving drunk in Siberia in his personal vehicle veered off the road and hit three teenaged girls who were walking along the road. All three girls were injured and an ambulance was called, then the unthinkable happened.

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mother and son DUI

Mother and Son Arrested for DUI Together

by admin August 4, 2010

Cops in Maryville, Tennessee saw a Chevy El Camino followed closely by a Mazda and pulled both cars over. Benjamin Forster, 24, was driving the El Camino and his mother, Genevieve Hurst Alvarado, was driving the Mazda.

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Teen Calls 911 On Her Intoxicated, Driving, Mother

by admin July 29, 2010

48-year-old Jamie S. Hicks was all over the streets of New York in her 1995 Buick LeSabre Sunday evening. She was drunker than a skunk. But that didn’t stop her from getting behind the wheel.

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DUI Without a Car

10 Ways to Get a DUI — Without a Car

by admin June 3, 2010

Share Nobody should drive drunk, but it happens. Most of the time the people who are pulled over for drunk driving are driving a car, or some type of vehicle with four tires, a steering wheel and an engine. This is what we typically consider driving, unless the vehicle happens to be a motorcycle, right?

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