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female serial killers

Lady Killers: 14 Female Murderers

by admin January 25, 2011

When one hears “serial killer,” what comes to mind? Blurry, pasty men in bifocals? A dash of mustache under a furrowed brow? Well, redefine your standards — these badass bitches have rap sheets to turn a prison guard pale and the scars to prove it. And what’s more — they almost got away with it.

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drug lords

15 of the Biggest Drug Lords of All Time

by admin January 19, 2011

Share Drugs make the world go around. However, most of the good ones are still very illegal, albeit highly coveted. This combination of want and shall-not-have has lured a whole lot of scary and dangerous people into the drug cartel business. Here’s a list of the fifteen most successful drug lords of all time.

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oj murders

Surprise: O.J.’s Former Lawyer Says He Really Is Innocent

by admin January 13, 2011

Share Most people familiar with the facts of the 1995 double murder trial of O.J. Simpson believe he got away with the brutal murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

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weird reasons for murder

15 Strange Reasons for Ending Someone’s Life

by admin January 7, 2011

  Share Seven billion people share the inhabitable landmasses of planet Earth.  Seven billion unique personalities, beliefs and personal preferences.  Seven billion pet peeves, annoying habits and deep-seated personality complexes.  Needless to say, chances for peaceful worldwide co-existence are slim. From an early age, children around the globe begin cultivating their destruction fetish.

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campus massacres

The 15 Biggest Campus Massacres

by admin December 29, 2010

  Share Recently, the Australian Government rejected a proposed R18+ rating for violent video games, thereby prohibiting such games from being sold in country.

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Facebook crimes

15 People Who Used Facebook To Commit Crimes

by admin December 13, 2010

  Share Facebook has changed everything on the Internet; how companies advertise, how people network themselves, and how criminals prey on the unsuspecting. Facebook has been involved in a number of crimes, from stalking to identity theft, bullying and murders. Here’s a list of a few standout cases.

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Young Serial Killers

15 Killers from the Womb: Murderers with an Early Thirst

by admin December 6, 2010

Share Countless accounts of serial killers have been shocking and, creepily, intriguing the public increasingly in current years.  However, have you ever wondered how old some of these murderers were upon committing the crimes?  Youth and agility seem to add a fresh exuberance to the following fifteen youngsters who cemented their reputations and careers before [...]

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digital crime

15 Controversial Cases of Digital Crime

by admin December 3, 2010

    Share In the early days of the Internet, cyberspace was often likened to the wild west: a no-rules land of opportunity, where everything was free for the taking.  Except instead of grizzled cowboys and heartless outlaws, this land was ruled by pasty nerds and the socially ill-equipped. And just like the wild west, [...]

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TSA searches

10 of the Most Outrageous TSA Horror Stories

by admin November 22, 2010

The TSA’s notoriously bad behavior is quickly becoming the biggest hot-button topic in America since the first round of gay marriages took place several years ago, and for good reason.

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prison escapes

15 of the Greatest Prison Escapes

by admin November 9, 2010

Share In an ideal world, prisoners would be held in prisons which would be impossible to escape from and an innocent person would never end up there. Fortunately, our world is much more awesome and people escape from even the most labyrinthine prisons on Earth with relative frequency and often stunning brilliance.

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